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Argyle The rarest

Argyle Diamond

The Tender

The Argyle mine in Western Australia has been the sole producer of natural pink diamonds for the last three decades. Having said that, only 1% of all the diamonds produced in the Argyle mine are pink diamonds. Even fewer than this already small percentage are rarer colors, such as the very much coveted natural red diamond. Among all of the many different colors of natural color diamonds, the red diamond is the rarest of them all. This makes these diamonds incredibly sought after, not to mention valuable. The Argyle mine has officially shut down its doors, leaving the only remaining Argyle diamonds, including the very unique Argyle red diamonds, with only a select few diamond dealers worldwide.

Argyle Diamonds
Argyle Red Diamond

A Rich History

Astteria Diamonds is a leading authority in the diamond industry, specifically in the natural color diamond vertical. While Astteria is mainly focused these days in producing high quality diamond jewelry, including colorless and color diamond bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and of course, rings, Asterria still has an exclusive collection of premium loose diamonds, namely the very much sought-after red Argyle diamonds. Those interested in acquiring some of the only Argyle red diamonds left in the world, may contact our team for more information. Our representatives will be happy to assist you in selecting one of the most unique specimens available in the world. These stones will surely appreciate significantly over time, should you be lucky enough to be able to call one your own.

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