Shopping for fine jewelry but not sure that traditional diamonds are right for you? That's fine, they aren't the right choice for everyone, especially for those who want something that is rather unusual to match their own unique style.

If you head into the realm of precious gemstones to find your perfect match - for an engagement ring, earrings, a pendant - a 'hot choice' right now is pink morganite. Never heard of it? You're not alone, but increasingly people are discovering all the beauty that these unique gemstones have to offer.

So, What Is Pink Morganite?

Pink morganite is a (as the name suggests) a pink gemstone that is a close cousin of emeralds, coming as they both do from the Beryl family of minerals. Also known as vorobevite, this rare stone can be found in a range of pink tones, from a pale blush to a deeper rose to a salmon shade, each of them the most extraordinarily beautiful pinks that shine and sparkle as brightly as a diamond.

Wondering about that name? Pink morganite was first discovered on an island off the coast of Madagascar in 1910, and the New York Academy of Sciences decided to name it after financier J.P Morgan, a man who had a deep interest in gemstones - and their powers - and was known for his generous gemological and mineral contributions to the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

A girl sits on the beach

A girl sits on the beach

The Love Stone?

According to experts in gemstone meanings, pink morganite is a stone of 'divine love'. Gemstone lore says that wearing it for an extended period of time - as you would an engagement ring for example - evokes feelings of peace, joy and inner strength.

Pink morganite is also a gemstone associated with fairness and luck, leading some modern entrepreneurs to wear pink morganite as a talisman to take to meetings with bank managers and potential clients. So, if you are one of those high-fliers, what better excuse could there be to treat yourself to fine jewelry incorporating it than it'll be great for business?

A girl with a diamond ring

A girl with a diamond ring

How Does Pink Morganite Compare to Diamonds?

In terms of hardness, morganite usually ranks a 7.5 to an 8 on the Mohs 10-point Hardness Scale, versus a 10 for a fine diamond. That still means that it's a very durable choice though, and when cared for correctly can remain flawless for a lifetime.

For those who love the pink colour, morganite has it in many beautiful shades but at a price that is usually more affordable than the rare - and getting rarer - pink diamond. Like diamonds, pink morganite is also a high-brilliance stone, so misses out on none of that incredible sparkle.

This pretty gemstone also works very well when paired with other stones, especially pave cut diamonds, so for the bride looking for a truly unique piece for her engagement ring it would be a wonderful choice, and for the confident entrepreneur a pair of pink morganite earrings that can be worn almost anywhere - bringing that power we mentioned with them - would make a great investment indeed.