Colored Diamond Jewelry

Whether you’re looking for yellow or green diamonds, eternally romantic pink diamonds, or - the rarest of them all – blue diamonds - Astteria’s collection of luxurious colored diamond jewelry offers the highest quality of stones in all shades, tones, hues, and saturations.

We offer natural colored diamonds exquisitely set in jewelry that ranges from statement diamond necklaces to elegant accessories including diamond earrings, bracelets, and rings.

Our jewelry is crafted with the highest quality gold and platinum and designed by experts with careful consideration of how the loose diamond will set or appear within the natural color of the material. This art is particularly complex when it comes to natural colored diamonds, as the setting must be carefully chosen to subtly enhance and complement the natural hue, tone and saturation of the diamond.

For example, yellow diamonds typically look best set in warm yellow gold, blue diamonds in cool white gold, while the delicate pink undertones of rose gold are considered the perfect complement for pink diamonds.

Browse our selection to examine up close the exquisite details that make our original collection of colored diamond jewelry truly priceless. Or, design your own dream jewelry: choose one of our natural colored stones, and set it in a truly unique creation that brings your imagination to life.

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