White Diamond Pendants & Necklaces

Breath-taking collections, magnificent creations - welcome to the Astteria line of clear diamond necklaces. With an amazing level of enthusiasm, our skilled craftsmen are able to produce hundreds of devastatingly stunning necklaces that are as varied, as they are beautiful.

Our philosophy at Astteria is that you can dare to be different, yet still be outstandingly gorgeous. We make sure that in all our jewelry creations, we provide fine jewelry that is not only handcrafted masterpieces but distinctively unique.

Our range of white diamond necklaces are artistic collections that you simply cannot find elsewhere. We boast huge ranges of pendants, chokers, opera, princess, bib and matinee style diamond necklaces, all one-of-a-kind and all adorned with a fantastic selection of diamonds.

The diamonds used in our necklaces and pendants express how diverse and talented our craftsmen are. The white or clear diamonds in our necklaces boast all manner of diamonds including: cushion, radiant, brilliant, pear, emerald, oval, heart, marquise, asscher, baguette and princess shaped diamonds. We also use a variety of chains including white, rose gold and yellow 18 karat gold.

These masterpieces are incredible gifts to both give or receive and our representatives are waiting to walk you through all the options to help you find the white diamond necklace or pendant you're looking for. Start searching now:

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  1. Multi-shape Pink & White Diamond Necklace, 14.53 TCW, GIA Certified
    Multi-shape Pink & White Diamond Necklace, 14.53 TCW, GIA Certified
    Multi-shape Pink & White Diamond Necklace 14.53 TCW, GIA Certified
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