White Diamond Bracelets

White diamond bracelets are crafted by Astteria artisans to reflect the desires of our clients. From the classic, elegant white diamond bracelet to the bold and daring, Astteria diamond bracelets can come in a variety of setting and styles.

Astteria offers white or clear diamond bracelets with gems that form an elegant band around the wrist. They also come in more intricate settings surrounded by other stones. In some cases, the diamond can be featured as a solitaire which really emphasizes the beauty of the stone, its’ cut and clarity.

When thinking of white diamond bracelets, we often think of those that form a single, elegant, flexible band around the wrist, equally beautiful are tennis, flower, bangle styles, emphasizing the diamond stones and their intricate setting in gold or platinum.

If you are in the market for a white diamond bracelet, there are hundreds of stunning choices at Astteria Diamonds. Browse through our collections and then contact a diamond specialist through our website. Make the right choice in fine jewelry at Astteria Diamonds.

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  1. White Diamond Bracelet, 10.18 Carat, Heart shape
    White Diamond Bracelet, 10.18 Carat, Heart shape
    White Diamond Bracelet 10.18 Carat, Heart shape