Sapphire Jewellery

Picture yourself surrounded by a sea of sapphire hues, each gemstone a unique masterpiece born from the depths of the Earth. With their deep and mysterious blues, Astteria's sapphires evoke a sense of tranquillity and elegance that will leave you feeling nostalgic and relaxed.

Immerse yourself in the stories that sapphires whisper, tales of legendary allure and mythical charm. Let their intense blue hues ignite your imagination and awaken your senses that have slumbered for a long time.

Imagine the sheer elegance and sophistication that sapphires bring to your finger, creating a stunning focal point that commands attention. Let the enchantment of sapphires grace your neck as they delicately cascade and draw eyes towards your neckline. And what better way to showcase your distinctive charm than by adorning your ears with sapphire earrings?

With every gentle sway, these precious gems effortlessly complement your features, accentuating your look and allowing your true essence to shine.

No matter how you wear them, sapphires become more than just accessories; they become a part of who you are. Each sparkling facet tells a story, revealing a glimpse of your inner spirit and captivating the world with your unique flair.

Explore our collection of lovely sapphire jewellery today.

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More about Sapphire Jewellery

  • What does sapphire attract?

    Sapphires are thought to attract wisdom, knowledge, and mental clarity. They are linked to attracting good luck, prosperity, and achievement. Additionally, they are believed to foster inner peace, spiritual development, and protection against negative energies.

    However, it is crucial to acknowledge that these beliefs are based on folklore and individual perspectives rather than scientific evidence.
  • Which colour of sapphire is the most expensive?

    One of the most expensive and sought-after sapphire colours is the intense and vivid blue that is commonly referred to as cornflower blue or royal blue. These precious stones are exceptionally beautiful and extremely rare, which explains their higher prices.
  • How can I be certain that the sapphire I'm purchasing is authentic?

    To confirm the sapphire’s authenticity, purchase from a reputable jeweller, request a gemstone certificate or grading report from a recognized gemological laboratory, inspect the sapphire for any inclusions, and seek guidance from a professional jeweller.

    Here at Astteria, we provide certifications for your jewellery, so you don’t have to worry about buying anything fake.
  • What are some popular styles of sapphire jewellery?

    Popular styles of sapphire jewellery include classic sapphire and diamond rings, sapphire pendant necklaces, sapphire stud earrings, and sapphire tennis bracelets featuring a continuous line of sapphires.

  • How do I care for sapphire jewellery?

    To care for sapphire jewellery, clean it regularly with a mild detergent and a soft brush to maintain its brilliance. Store it separately from other jewellery to avoid scratches, and have it professionally cleaned and inspected periodically.