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  • Coloured Diamond Earrings

  • Compliment her natural grace, with the perfect frame. You are perfect already, now it’s time to accessorize. Astteria coloured diamond earrings convey your natural beauty with a striking diamond sparkle for any important evening, affair or social occasion.

    When our clients need to look flawless, they add Astteria coloured diamond earrings.

    Making an appearance requires adding just the right splash of jewellery, which is exactly what our treasured earrings do. Astteria diamond earring collections boast a diverse range of diamond shapes, styles and cuts on a variety of earrings, designed exclusively to flatter any apparel.

    Alongside all standard stud, hoop, tear drop, latch-back and dangle arrays, natural diamond earrings will flatter clothes or a hair style to enhance the natural beauty of the wearer.

    Diamond earrings however, especially coloured and multi coloured diamond earrings boast supplementary secrets. Alongside their increased value, Astteria diamond are all one-of-a-kind, and by that we also mean that within a pair of earrings, the diamonds are in fact, distinct from each other. This makes them that much more treasurable.

    The true work of the diamond jeweler is to make sure that the two earrings not only compliment, but boost the beauty of the other and that to the onlooker, they appear the same.

    Many of the Astteria diamond earring range hold hundreds of stones, our craftsmen making sure to make the mixture of entirely organic diamonds blend in a setting that is both captivating and unique. Our collections boast a range of diamond earrings to suit every type of client, from the reserved to the most outgoing.

    Astteria have the full range of earring types, our most popular being coloured diamond stud earrings but none the less boasting a huge range of latch-back, hoop and dangle.

    Create the perfect ensemble by adding Astteria earrings.

    Browse through a magnificent collection of: Stud earrings, Hoop earrings, Dangle earrings, latch-back earrings and be amazed at just how delicate, intricate and magnificent diamond earrings can be at Astteria.

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