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  • Coloured Diamond Bracelets

  • Diamonds carry with them sentiments and symbols, far beyond the boast of sparkle and glitz.
    They give value, meaning and voice to any piece of jewellery that goes beyond words and lasts an eternity, punctuating history with stunning necklaces, rings, and of course diamond bracelets.

    Across the passage of time, all gifts, be they treasure chests full of offerings or singular pendants, are emboldened by the addition of natural diamonds, and a wonderful diamond gift choice, has always been the diamond bracelet.

    An emblem of love and romance and with multiple eye-catching centerpieces, our coloured diamond bracelets are rare, captivating and highly sought after. They simply shine when placed on the wrist of the delighted wearer.

    We have an explosive range of colourful diamond bracelets available immediately at Astteria and the diamond stones can be arranged in a huge range of gold and platinum settings and in a large variety of shapes, including heart, pear, cushion, oval and round diamonds.

    The simple strand of diamonds that can be worn around the wrist is commonly known as a diamond tennis bracelet. These bracelets are named for tennis legend Chris Evert who stopped a tennis match when she discovered her diamond bracelet was missing. The diamond tennis bracelet is highly coveted due to its brilliant colour and the rarity of the stone.

    Our diamond bracelets are carefully crafted to make sure that the wearer feels exquisite and that the diamonds themselves are held neatly and professionally in place. We work tirelessly to make sure that all requirements are met and that each diamond is polished and shown to its utmost abilities.

    Browse through our diamond bracelet range and contact us for more details about any of our jewellery pieces.

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