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  • Colored Engagement Rings

  • Yellow diamonds are the most popular of all fancy colored diamonds and probably one of the most magnificent and dazzling creations of nature. Their warm color instills a sense of lightness and joy, while the strong shine, penetration of light, and inner reflection give the natural yellow diamond a hypnotic and illuminating appearance.

    Astteria Diamonds boasts a huge selection of natural yellow diamonds that carry an official certificate from the leading gemological institutes such as the GIA, EGI, etc. They come in various shapes, sizes and intensities, along with special and refreshing color combinations such as Natural greenish yellow diamond or Fancy orange yellow diamonds, which take all this yellow beauty one step further toward a unique and singular fusion.

    Yellow diamonds are a popular fashion item particularly among the world's leading jewelry designers, who find them wonderfully suitable for being embedded in jewelry thanks to their luxurious look and reasonable price. However, embedding yellow diamonds in engagement rings is not just a good fashion choice, it’s also a wonderful, one-time gesture that proves your love loud and clear.

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