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​Colored diamond soaring prices: A growing demographic of ultra rich investors

November 4, 2019 19388 Views No comments

The unique and uncommon nature of colored diamonds is underscored and enhanced by the secrecy surrounding a rare colored diamond when it appears on the market.

Only 15% of colored diamonds for sale are purchased at auctions. In many mines, the best colored diamonds, typically around only 50 annually, are sold through sealed bids in an annual tender.

Investors must be invited to the viewings, which are held at secret locations in London, New York, and Hong Kong. These secret viewings of the world’s most expensive colored diamonds create a covert ultra niche market accessible only by the initiated - which significantly enhances the stone’s allure and perceived value.

Adding even more to the air of mystery surrounding these purchases, investors are allowed to examine the stone for sale one by one, in a hidden, windowless room, reinforcing the atmosphere of being members of a secret society.

Natural Yellow Diamonds Buying Guide: Rarity, Prices, Engagement Rings & Much More | Asteria Colored Diamonds

November 3, 2019 235778 Views No comments

Fancy Yellow Diamonds breathtaking beauty, bright shine, warm color, and the fact that they are rare but affordable for most people make them the perfect gift, the coveted engagement ring, and the ideal diamond, even for you. Naturaly, yellow diamonds are a trendy and popular choice for easygoing and positive people who like to rejoice and spread love.

Are you looking to buy yellow diamonds? The technical aspect of recognizing and understanding the yellow diamonds includes several critical factors that affect a diamond’s grading and pricing. Here you will learn how to understand, identify, and select the right yellow diamond for you.

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