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  • Orange Diamonds

    Orange diamonds are exquisitely beautiful
    and extremely rare

  • Although not as rare as some natural colored diamonds, fancy orange diamonds are exceptionally beautiful and make for an elegant addition to any outfit. From fiery orange to warm amber, Asteria’s orange diamonds for sale come in a wide variety of hues, intensities, tones and shapes, and are available as part of our exquisite, originally designed jewelry or as loose diamonds.

    Also known as ‘fire diamonds’, orange diamonds are generally regarded as the most aesthetically pleasing of the colored diamonds. Formed through a grouping of nitrogen atoms during the stone’s creation process, orange diamonds are a favorite with diamond collectors, lovers of jewelry, and investors alike.

    At Asteria, our wide selection of fine quality orange diamonds for sale will ensure that the loose diamond or jewelry set you purchase is one that’s perfect for you. With decades of experience in the jewelry business, our craftsmen create stunning pieces of original colored diamond jewelry, with some of the best orange diamond prices on the market.

    At Asteria diamonds, we understand that our customers want assurance that their invaluable investment is of the highest standard. That’s why all of our orange diamonds are inspected and certified by leading gemological institutes – so you can be certain that your colored diamond is natural, authentic, and of the highest quality.

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