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  • Yellow Diamond Necklaces

  • Bold, beautiful and full of life – our matchless yellow diamond necklace range is raising eyebrows for lovers of colored diamond jewelry, everywhere.

    Deep dive into the complete range of Astteria yellow diamond necklaces and pendants, guaranteed to look lovely on anyone who is lucky enough to wear one.

    The Astteria collections feature a wide range of beautiful pendants that feature either yellow diamonds in a setting of clear diamonds, a multi-colored diamond ensemble in either pendant or necklace style or classic canary yellow diamonds that stand alone on a tempting and daring chain.

    Our clientes know what they want and we are simply here to help you find it. Why not express your individuality with a yellow diamond solitaire necklace?

    Classic hanging pendants, which include diamond solitaires necklaces are a favorite to add the classic look to any evening dress as they draw attention to both the wearer and the main stone. Diamond solitaires are both gorgeous and distinct, offering no time for distractions. Astteria has several options in yellow diamond solitaire necklaces that are sure to stand out.

    For those searching for a piece with far more diamonds, Astteria has a large collection of yellow diamond necklaces, with diamonds of various shapes, sizes and cuts, these are often haloed by hundreds of clear diamonds, illuminating their outstanding beauty.

    Astteria has several options that all say ‘I love you’ from the moment she opens the box.

    A diamond is forever a great choice, especially when included in a necklace that frames the face and worn close to the heart.

    Browse through a magnificent collection of Yellow diamond necklaces below.

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