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  • Pink Diamond Earrings

  • Frame your face with a valuable pair of Astteria pink diamond earrings, available in all different shapes and sizes. From fancy light to intense pink diamond earrings, there is no shortage of variety in the Astteria Diamond collections.

    A perfect gift, pink diamond earrings give just the right touch of grace to any fine jewelry collection.

    Suitable to all skin tones and more discreet than yellow diamonds, pink diamond earrings harmonize with the skin and ooze femininity. If encased in the correct color gold setting, pink diamond earrings are soft enough to be worn in diverse social settings and marry well with other colored stones.

    Opt for Astteria’s natural pink diamond earrings for a neutral touch of color and a large helping of romantic beauty. Mix shapes and styles with pink diamond stud earrings, pink diamond drop earrings, pink diamond pear shape earrings, and more styles, available only through Astteria.

    For our clients looking for something more personal, we have a fantastic bespoke service that allows you to design your own diamond earrings, we are proud to be able to transform your vision into a careful crafted and valuable pair of pink diamond earrings.

    Browse our existing collection and contact an Astteria diamond specialist.

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