Colored Diamond Pendants & Necklaces

Inspiring true elegance and genuinely timelessness, diamond necklaces and pendants are precious accessories.

Astteria luxury colored diamond necklaces are breath-taking pieces of elegant jewelry, worn by those that know, that true beauty is irreplaceable.

Arranged and crafted in white, rosegold and yellow gold chains and settings, Astteria diamond pendants are remarkable and illuminate the appearance of the wearer.

Each graceful collection of luxury diamond necklaces tells a unique story. From solitaire diamond pendants, to inspiring necklaces with hundreds of clear baguette shaped diamonds, intricately patterned around colored main stones, our diamond necklace compilations are as inspiring, as they are beautiful.

The huge range of Astteria diamond pendants boast thousands of beautifully cut colored diamonds, intricately hanging from chains. The Astteria diamonds necklace selection, some of which have elaborate, pink, yellow, or green diamonds and others which are a fantastic blend of multi colored diamonds, all with an impressive sense of majesty.

Crafted in the finest Astteria jewelry-making tradition, our collections speak volumes about the superior level of artistic dedication given to each jewelry piece, each necklace or pendant, entirely unique and completely perfect.
Providing the highest level in luxury necklaces, Astteria has a magnificent range just waiting for you to view.

Browse our wide array of gemstone necklaces, including popular multi-color diamond link chains and heart shaped diamond necklaces, or discover the latest arrivals in our classic pendant solitaire designs.

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  1. Multicolor Diamond Necklace, 1.23 CT. (2.18 CT. TW), GIA
    Multicolor Diamond Necklace, 1.23 CT. (2.18 CT. TW), GIA
    Multicolor Diamond Necklace 1.23 CT. (2.18 CT. TW), GIA