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  • Green Diamond Jewelry

  • Whether you’re looking for a rare green diamond to be the centrepiece of your collection, an exquisite piece of jewellery that’s bound to turn heads, or a distinctive engagement ring that’s as unique as your relationship, Asteria offers a rich selection of natural green diamonds you’re sure to fall in love with.

    Fancy green diamonds acquire their distinctive color through exposure to naturally occurring radiation and are the second most rare of all the natural color stones - which makes them a favorite with collectors. Their significance in Far Eastern philosophy as an emblem of balance and connection to the Heart Chakra make these rare stones especially coveted for both their aesthetic and symbolic value.

    Asteria green diamonds for sale are available as part of our original, exquisitely designed jewellery collection, or for purchase as loose stones. Whether you’re looking for a light green diamond in a bright pastel hue, or a fancy vivid green diamond in a strong, resonant shade - or even that rarest blue green diamond with a blue secondary hue - we offer the best green diamond prices on the market.

    Our diamonds are uncompromisingly inspected by the GIA to ensure they are authentic, natural, and of the highest quality, and come with an original GIA certification.

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