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  • Gray Diamond Jewelry

  • If you’re looking for a more sophisticated stone, consider a gray diamond. With an understated grace that’s no less eye catching for being inconspicuous, gray diamonds are tinged with a stately coloring that is sure to make a subtle statement when set in jewelry. For collectors and investors, we also have gray diamonds for sale available as loose stones.

    Most gray diamonds are formed as a result of a high concentration of hydrogen but in rare cases is the result of a naturally occurring interaction with boron. Unlike other colored stones, gray diamonds can be cut into a round shape without losing their color. This enables our craftsmen, who have decades of experience in cutting, polishing and design to make varied, original, and truly unique pieces of jewelry.

    At Asteria, we offer gray diamonds for sale in range of styles, shapes, and intensities of color. We ensure that all of our diamonds are naturally formed and of the highest standard. Asteria’s natural gray diamonds are certified by gemological institutes – so you can be sure your diamond is authentic, natural, and of the highest value. In addition, the certificate details the origin and color qualities of your diamond, to assure you that your rare gray diamond is truly unique.

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