Colored Diamond Bracelets

Astteria's colored diamond bracelets are a celebration of refined minimalism, where our master craftsmen have carefully curated every detail to showcase the inherent beauty of gemstones that come from all around the world.

We ensure that the delicate dance of vibrant hues gracefully encircling your wrist is a testament to the extraordinary artistry and exceptional quality that defines true luxury.

In this harmonious blend of grace and grandeur, our exquisite colored diamond bracelets embody the very essence of sublime simplicity and beauty.

But beyond their stunning aesthetic, these bracelets become a tangible expression of your taste and style. Our pieces effortlessly harmonize with any ensemble. Whether it be an elegant evening gown or a chic everyday attire, elevating your look with the understated yet commanding presence of a colored diamond bracelet is worth the try.

Not to mention, the subtle sparkle and captivating colors of these different hues symbolise your unwavering commitment to diversity, quality, and sophistication.

With each delicate movement, you'll witness the reflection of light upon the intricate facets, enchanting both wearer and beholder alike. The effortless fusion of simplicity and luxury becomes a statement of self-assured elegance that resonates with those who appreciate the finer things in life.

In a world where complexity often obscures true beauty, Astteria's colored diamond bracelets ensure that there's no compromising between simplicity and unbridled luxury.

Discover the essence of refined elegance and let these exquisite treasures adorn your wrist, forever capturing the perfect harmony of minimalism and magnificence in one accessory.

18 Jewelry Available
  1. Very Light Pink Diamond Bracelet, 2.66 Ct. (6.58 Ct. TW), Pear shape, GIA Certified, JCBF05557847
    Very Light Pink Diamond Bracelet, 2.66 Ct. (6.58 Ct. TW), Pear shape, GIA Certified, JCBF05557847

    Very Light Pink Diamond Bracelet

    2.66 Ct. (6.58 Ct. TW), Pear shape, GIA Certified, JCBF05557847


More about Colored Diamond Bracelets

  • Do diamond bracelets hold their value over time?

    Diamond bracelets have the potential to increase in value over time, but it depends on various variables, including quality, brand, design, market demand, rarity, and maintenance.

    For an accurate assessment of possible value retention, connect with a qualified jewel.
  • Is it possible to resize bracelets made with colored diamonds?

    The possibility to resize colored diamond bracelets varies according to the bracelet's style, setting, and design. Simple bracelets with a classic chain are simpler to resize than those with complicated bracelets with diamonds arranged in a certain way, which may need more consideration.

    It is crucial to get advice from a reputable jeweler who specializes in colored diamond jewelry to find out if resizing is an option for your particular bracelet.
  • In which hand should you wear a diamond bracelet to bring you good luck?

    Choosing which hand to wear a diamond bracelet for good luck is mainly a matter of personal choice and style. But since the left hand is said to be closest to the heart, it is seen as more promising.

    However, apart from superstition or luck, it is also important to wear the bracelet in a way that makes you feel confident and happy.