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  • Black Diamond Jewelry

  • Mysterious and alluring, black diamonds are an increasingly popular choice for both women and men’s jewelry, and are the perfect addition to any rare natural diamond collection. At Astteria, we offer a large selection of natural black diamonds for sale, available as part of our own jewelry designs or as loose stones.

    Unlike other colored stones that are formed as a result of impurities in the creation process, natural black diamonds are the result of small imperfections that are spread throughout the diamond, which give it its distinctive coloring. Exceptionally rare, black diamonds are also the toughest and oldest of the colored diamonds, having formed around 3 billion years ago.

    Despite being notoriously difficult to cut and polish, our craftsmen have been able to create some truly stunning black diamond jewelry pieces, and we offer the best black diamond prices on the market.

    With a large number of stones on the market, we understand how important it is to be assured that your rare black diamond is natural and completely authentic. At Astteria, we do not sell synthetic colored diamonds of any kind. All of our diamonds are inspected by gemological institutes, and come with a certification that details the diamond’s origin, color characteristics, and value.

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