If you're considering investing in a stunning and rare yellow diamond for your jewelry collection, you're in the right place. Yellow diamonds are known for their intense colour and sparkle, and as loose stones, they offer endless possibilities for custom jewelry design. 

However, navigating the world of yellow diamond buying can be overwhelming, considering colour intensity, cut, carat weight, and more. 

So, we'll walk you through everything you need to know to confidently choose the perfect yellow diamond loose stone, from colour grading to tips for evaluating a stone's quality and value. 

So let's dive in!

The 4 Cs of Yellow Diamonds

Yellow Diamonds Loose Stones

Yellow diamonds are known for their dazzling colour and sparkle, but did you know that four key factors determine their value and beauty? These factors are known as the "4 Cs" of diamond quality: colour, cut, clarity, and carat weight.

In this section, we'll explore each of the 4 Cs in detail and explain how they apply specifically to yellow diamonds.

Color Grading

When it comes to yellow diamonds, colour is arguably the most important factor. The colour grading scale used by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) goes from D (colourless) to Z (bright yellow).

However, yellow diamonds are graded differently than other diamonds because their colour is their defining characteristic. The GIA uses additional terms to describe the intensity of a yellow diamond's colour, including "fancy," "intense," and "vivid."

The higher the intensity of the yellow hue, the more valuable the diamond is.


The diamond's cut refers to how its facets interact with light, which affects its overall appearance and sparkle. In yellow diamonds, cutting is crucial in enhancing the stone's colour and brightness. Popular cuts for yellow diamonds include the radiant cut, cushion cut, and oval cut, as these cuts maximize the stone's colour.


The absence of imperfections or flaws within a diamond is referred to as its clarity. 

From Flawless (no inclusions or blemishes visible under 10x magnification) to Included (inclusions visible to the unaided eye), the GIA clarity grading system varies. With yellow diamonds, clarity is important, but not as critical as it is with colourless diamonds. This is because the intensity of the diamond's colour can sometimes mask minor inclusions.

Carat weight

The diamond's carat weight refers to its size and weight. While carat weight is important in determining a diamond's value, it's not the only factor. When it comes to yellow diamonds, the intensity of the colour is often more important than the carat weight.

However, larger yellow diamonds with a higher colour intensity can be quite valuable. Factors to consider when choosing a carat weight include personal preference, budget, and the intended use of the diamond. 

Types Of Yellow Diamonds

Yellow Diamonds

When shopping for yellow diamonds, knowing that not all yellow diamonds are created equal is important. Different types of yellow diamonds vary in their colour intensity and origin.

One way to differentiate yellow diamonds is by their natural vs. treated status. 

Natural yellow diamonds are formed with the yellow colour from the earth and are often more valuable than treated diamonds. 

Treated diamonds, on the other hand, are created by enhancing the colour of a lower-grade diamond through treatments such as irradiation. It's important to note that while treated diamonds can be just as beautiful as natural diamonds, they typically command a lower price.

Another way to differentiate yellow diamonds is by their colour intensity. Yellow diamonds are graded on a scale of fancy light, fancy, intense, vivid, and deep. The more intense the yellow hue, the more valuable the diamond is.

Additionally, yellow diamonds can come in various shapes, with some of the most popular shapes being cushion, radiant, and oval. Understanding the different types of yellow diamonds can help you make an informed decision when selecting the perfect stone for your needs.

Best Places To Buy Yellow Diamonds

Looking for the best place to buy yellow diamonds? Whether you're shopping for a special occasion or simply adding to your jewellery collection, finding the perfect yellow diamond can be a daunting task. Luckily, there are a variety of options for purchasing these stunning stones.

Through Online Retailers

Online retailers like Astteria offer a wide selection of yellow diamonds at competitive prices, with the additional ease of doing your shopping from home. These retailers often provide detailed information on each diamond, including the 4 Cs, and high-quality images to help you make an informed decision.

Visit A Local Jewelry Store

If you prefer to see the diamond in person before purchasing, consider visiting a local jewellery store or diamond dealer. These professionals can help guide you through the buying process and provide expert advice on selecting the best yellow diamond for your needs. 

Some jewelry stores even offer custom design services, allowing you to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry featuring your stunning yellow diamond.

No matter where you buy your yellow diamond, it's important to research and choose a reputable dealer. Look for retailers with strong customer reviews and certifications from reputable organizations like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). With a little research and careful consideration, you'll surely find the perfect yellow diamond to add to your collection.


In conclusion, yellow diamonds are a unique and stunning choice for any jewelry lover. From the 4 Cs to the different types and best places to buy, there is much to consider when selecting the perfect yellow diamond. But with a little bit of knowledge and research, you can find the perfect stone to add to your collection or give as a special gift.

Whether you opt for a natural or treated yellow diamond, one thing is for certain: these stones exude warmth and radiance that is sure to turn heads. So go ahead and embrace the bold and beautiful world of yellow diamonds - you won't regret it!


What makes yellow diamonds different from other coloured diamonds?

Yellow diamonds get their colour from the presence of nitrogen during the diamond's formation process. The intensity of the yellow colour varies depending on the amount of nitrogen present.

Can yellow diamonds be treated to enhance their colour?

Yes, yellow diamonds can be treated through processes such as irradiation to enhance or deepen their colour. It's important to note that treated diamonds typically cost less than natural diamonds.

How are yellow diamonds graded for colour?

Yellow diamonds are graded on a scale developed by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The scale ranges from "Fancy Light Yellow" to "Fancy Vivid Yellow," with the intensity of the yellow colour increasing as you move up the scale.

What is the cut's impact on the appearance of a yellow diamond?

The cut of a yellow diamond can greatly impact its appearance, as it affects how light is reflected and refracted through the stone. A well-cut diamond will perform best under light, with excellent brightness, fire, and scintillation.