When people decide to buy a diamond it is necessary to differentiate the reasons behind the purchase. When one wants a diamond as a gift to a loved one or a gift to oneself he is only looking to make the purchase, there is no need for him to know his resale options. In the case of a diamond investment, the resale possibilities become as, if not more, important as the purchase itself.

There are many companies that sell investment-grade diamonds. These companies mostly source and sell these diamonds. What most do not offer is continued guidance, including a liquidation mechanism, for your investment.

For any investment, there are several aspects that investors should know. When to make the investment, how to make the investment, how long to keep the asset, and most importantly, when and how to liquidate the asset. In general low liquidity of diamonds makes liquidation the biggest concern for potential investors. Buying is easy, selling is hard.



That is where Astteria comes in.

Astteria Diamonds has been in the diamond business for several decades. We are well-established diamond manufacturers who tend to the needs of wholesale and retail customers. We have always believed that every customer’s needs are different, therefore it is important to provide the appropriate service. With diamond investment becoming more popular, we now offer special services for our investment clients that will make their investment experience much smoother.

Because of our years of experience, we have extensive knowledge of all different kinds of diamonds. We can confidently advise on what size, color, shape, etc. will be right for your investment. Astteria Diamonds also has a vast network of associates in the diamond industry, such that we can always find the right stone at the right price for our customers.

Perhaps more important than anything else are our after-sale services. Liquidating an investment diamond is the hardest part of the investment process, and with Astteria Diamonds you are not left to deal with it alone. Our extensive reach in the diamond industry will be essential to liquidating your asset. We will continue to consult with you about re-sell options until you are happy and comfortable with the return on your investment.

An investment experience with Astteria Diamonds is like no other. We not only sell you a diamond but our constant guidance and support.

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