An emerald is a precious green stone from a variety of mineral beryl and has a hardness close to a diamond. Emeralds occur in metamorphic rocks that have been exposed to large amounts of heat and pressure. They are found in South America, India, Austria, and Russia. Ready to sell emeralds? Discover the top buyers and tips for a lucrative emerald selling experience.

In general, emeralds are more expensive than other stones, but their prices can vary greatly depending on the quality of the stone, anywhere from under $5 per carat to over $1 million, with the average price for an emerald being around $350 per carat.

Today, emeralds are still prized for their beauty and unique colour. They are also a popular choice for engagement rings and other special jewellery. Whether you believe in their powers or not, there is no denying that emeralds are stunning gems that are sure to add a touch of luxury to any outfit.

So, where do you sell emerald jewellery? Stick with us to find out.

Stunning emerald

Stunning emerald

History of Emeralds

Emeralds are one of the most popular precious stones and have been treasured since ancient times. These beautiful green gems are found in a limited number of locations around the world.

They have been prized by cultures throughout history. In ancient Rome, the emerald was considered to be the most precious gemstone after the diamond. The Mughals of India had a great love for emeralds and used them extensively in their jewellery and carvings. Emerald was also one of Cleopatra's favourite gemstones.

Today, emeralds continue to be popular gemstones. They are often used in jewellery and are considered to be a symbol of wealth and success. Emeralds are also said to bring good luck and offer protection from negative energy. This gemstone is a great investment; that’s why it is also important to know where you can sell them.

Selling Your Emeralds

Designer Jewelry Buyer

Designer Jewelry Buyers also offer competitive prices among the three since they are the ones who are leading in the industry. Payment can be received within 24 hours, and there are no hidden fees. Contact one of their gemstone experts by filling out their online form. Their gemologists are also available for in-person consultations.

Auction House

When you have an incredibly rare piece of jewellery, and the time to devote to selling it, an auction house is a viable option for selling emeralds. Certain auction houses attract specialist buyers, but it can take a while to attend the auction, primarily because the auctions rarely occur, and it can take a long time to travel there.


Emeralds can be quickly and conveniently sold to pawnshops, but the pawnshop owner may not be an expert in buying emeralds. You are likely to end up underselling your emerald if they don't accurately price it. As a result, the pawnshop owner makes a significant profit by selling the stone for a high price to a specialist buyer.

Factors Affecting Emerald Worth

Colour of Emerald

A newly grown lawn in spring is the best emerald, according to the ancient Greek philosopher Pliny. Colours other than green are less visible to the human eye. Green emerald prices are highly affected by small changes in saturation, so you could be able to get a good deal if you have a large, very green stone. Chromium, vanadium, and iron give emeralds their colour. Green to bluish green is the most valuable colour of an emerald, and the tone must not be too dark. Green beryls are generally less valuable than emeralds due to their lighter shade.

Clarity of Emerald

Clarity is a characteristic of emeralds that refers to how many blemishes or inclusions are present in the stone. The more blemishes, the lower the clarity. In general, a higher clarity level means fewer blemishes and a perfect stone. Emeralds with a clarity level of less than six on the grading scale are considered "dirty" emeralds and are typically less expensive. Higher clarity levels, such as 10 or 12, result in fewer blemishes and a cleaner stone with a greater value.

Carat Weight of Emerald

The larger a gemstone is, the more valuable it is. A large, well-cut, perfectly coloured, and perfectly clean emerald will fetch the highest price, as will one that is large, well-cut, perfectly cut, and perfectly coloured. Emerald cuts, cushion cuts, and ovals are the most common shapes for emeralds. Jewellery of modern designs often includes round brilliants, hearts, and pear shapes.

Origin of Emerald

Emeralds are valued according to where they were mined. Where do emeralds come from? Columbia, Zambia, Brazil, and Zimbabwe are among the countries that are best known for emeralds. There are a number of emeralds sourced from Colombia that are of the highest quality in the world.


The value of your emerald will also be affected by whether it has been treated. Stones with treatments look better, but their value is lower. The reason for this is that high-quality natural emeralds are difficult to find, whereas stones that have been artificially enhanced are more common. A coloured dye can be inserted to intensify the colour, and fractures can be filled.


When selling emeralds, it is important to keep in mind things such as colour, clarity and location. Emeralds come in a variety of colours, including green, yellow and blue. Clarity is also important, as different types of minerals can contribute to the overall clarity of an emerald. Location is also important when selling emeralds, as the quality of emeralds varies depending on where they are found.


Is an emerald worth more than a diamond?

When it comes to precious stones, emeralds and diamonds are two of the most popular. But which is worth more?

In terms of quality, emeralds are also better than diamonds. A good quality emerald will be free of inclusions and have a deep green colour. Diamonds, on the other hand, can have a lot of different flaws.

How do you appraise an emerald ring?

When it comes to appraising an emerald ring, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, take into account the 4Cs of diamonds - cut, clarity, colour, and carat weight. Next, consider the setting of the ring as well as any unique features or design elements. Finally, be sure to get a certified appraisal from a qualified jeweller.

Keep in mind that emeralds are soft stones and can easily be scratched or damaged. This is why it is important to have a professional appraisal done in order to get the most accurate value for your ring. Make sure to ask about insurance replacement value as well as any other pertinent information that will help you make an informed decision about your ring's worth.

How much is the average emerald worth?

An emerald is a beautiful green gemstone that is found in many different jewellery pieces. The average emerald is worth about $100. However, there are some emeralds that are worth much more than this. For example, the Hope Emerald is one of the most valuable emeralds in the world and is worth over $5 million.