We all love a different looking diamond, don’t we?

Should it be a blue diamond, a pink one, or a multi-coloured one. But one diamond colour is frequently sought after by connoisseurs– the exquisite yellow diamond.

We all admire it but have you ever considered how they are made? It’s actually an interesting process if you ask us.

In the presence of nitrogen molecules, blue light is absorbed, resulting in the yellow tint of the stone. Yellow diamonds can range from light to dark, depending on how much nitrogen they contain.

But, that doesn’t mean it's a dull-looking diamond. In fact, in a 'face-up' position, canary yellow diamonds, are pretty evident because of their bright colour.

Traces of this process are also found in white diamonds graded at the bottom of the colourless grading scale. 

How Are They Made?

As with other natural diamonds, yellow diamonds are formed similarly. It takes up millions and millions of years to form these precious jewels. It needs to undergo extremely high temperatures and immense pressure below the earth’s surface for it to form. 

Do These Make Good Investments?

Although yellow diamonds are not as rare as other coloured diamonds, such as pink diamonds, you can make a good investment by purchasing jewellery.

The jewellery is often highly valued because of the metal that it is made of and the value of metals like gold tends to remain constant over the long run, despite occasional fluctuations in price.

In addition, the trend toward coloured jewellery has further made yellow diamonds a very good investment, especially those with a pleasing hue, and over two carats.

What Does a Yellow Diamond Cost?

Despite their technical classification as fancy colour diamonds, we assume yellow diamonds are worth more than white or colourless diamonds. However, several factors affect the price. 

A diamond with a similar appearance could have a very different value than another diamond with a dissimilar appearance. The larger fancy-coloured diamonds are more likely to fetch a higher price per carat because of the difficulty of finding natural fancy-coloured diamonds.

In May 2014, at a Sotheby's auction, a 100.09 carats Graff Vivid Yellow diamond sold for an impressive US $16.3 million. 

Symbolism Of A Yellow Diamond

Since yellow diamonds have recently gained popularity in the media and entertainment worlds, their popularity has skyrocketed. 

Many celebrities, including Heidi Klum and Kourtney Kardashian, have been spotted wearing these stones.

Jewellery created with these precious stones is among the most iconic in the world. As yellow is associated with hope, friendship, humility, and happiness, yellow stones are often affiliated with these qualities.

These are also corresponds to the solar plexus chakra in your third chakra and it is believed to give the bearer a sense of power, creativity, confidence, and willpower to express their true selves.

It symbolises cheerfulness, happiness, wisdom, and intellect, and when you give yellow diamond jewellery to someone you care about, it shows them how much you appreciate their knowledge and intelligence and your long-term relationship with them.

How to Identify A Real Yellow Diamond

The availability of fake diamonds has increased in recent years, but there are ways you can easily identify a diamond stone as fake or real.

  • Fill a glass with water and place them in it. A genuine diamond sinks straight to the bottom, showing that the stone is authentic.
  • You can touch the stone with your breath by placing it in front of your mouth. The stone is not a yellow diamond if the fog persists for a few seconds. Natural diamonds do not retain condensation.

How Is Jewellery Priced?

Prices for yellow diamond jewellery can vary depending on the type of jewellery. Many factors influence the jewellery's price, including:

Materials Used In Jewellery

Pairing yellow diamonds with white gold or platinum is highly valuable, and the excellent silver finish complements the stone's bright yellow colour wonderfully. White gold and platinum are the most precious among the world's most expensive metals.

The Carats of diamonds

Diamonds are measured by carat weight. There are 200 milligrams in one carat. Diamonds are more expensive, the heavier. The cut of a diamond can make it appear larger or smaller, regardless of its carat weight.

The Clarity 

There is an inverse relationship between the yellowness of the diamond and its price. Similarly, the clarity of the diamond influences its price. However, there is a direct correlation between the quality of a diamond and its clarity.

The Colours

The jewellery is more expensive and more decadent the yellow. Compared to rich amber or golden syrup, pale yellow diamonds appear tinged with yellow.

The Cuts

Round brilliants are the most expensive cut because they require the most skill and precision. It has the most sparkle, and the emerald cut is the cheapest.


Large Yellow Diamond

Jewellery pieces adorned with yellow stones are considered highly valuable and adorable. They add sparkle and positive feelings to every outfit.

What are you waiting for? Make a yellow diamond a great addition to your collection.


How much is a fancy yellow diamond compared to a white diamond?

An 0.7-carat cushion-cut white diamond may cost approximately $1,500. A fancy yellow diamond is usually more expensive than white diamonds, but often significantly less expensive than other yellow diamonds. The cost of 0.7 carats of fancy vivid yellow diamonds may be as high as $6,500.

Do yellow diamonds come from nature?

Fancy vivid yellow diamonds are almost one in ten thousand! These are enhanced by man, while the fancy light yellow colour of others comes from nature.

Diamonds come in various colours, but what fancy colour is the rarest?

The most expensive and rarest diamond in the world is the red diamond. Various shades of red diamonds can be found, from orange diamonds to orange-red diamonds to brown diamonds. Australia's Argyle Diamond Mine produces most of the world's red diamonds.

Are yellow diamonds susceptible to fading?

Diamonds will never lose their colour. However, if you want to avoid fading, buy fancy light  yellow diamonds, fancy coloured diamonds, or purchase sapphires that have not been artificially coloured or exposed to radiation.