Years ago, way back in 2002 in fact, Hollywood actor Ben Affleck caused quite a stir when he proposed to singer/actress Jennifer Lopez, especially as the normally slightly staid Bostonian did so with a 6.1-carat pink diamond engagement ring in hand. It's doubtful if Mr. Affleck actually intended to influence the popularity of pink engagement rings when making his grand (and ultimately doomed) romantic gesture, but he did.

Once the world's media picked up on Jennifer's ring the interest in pink diamond engagement rings skyrocketed, and that interest remains very much alive today. But what is the appeal of the pink diamond? Do pink diamond rings have a special meaning? What should you know about them and just how much do pink diamond engagement rings cost? Let's take a look and see.

What are Pink Diamonds?

Of all the colored diamonds pink is not only one of the rarest but also one of the most mysterious. Just why they are pink, for example, is still a matter of considerable debate in both the diamond buying and scientific communities.

The current consensus is that diamonds take on a pink hue when forming diamonds are subjected to unusually great pressure. This is a theory gaining ground as 80% of the world's supply of pink diamonds comes from the Argyle Mine in Kimberley, Western Australia. The area was once subject to a series of very intense seismic shocks and scientists and gemologists who have studied both the mine and the diamonds believe that those shocks propelled colorless diamonds to the surface prematurely, changing their molecular structure, giving them their attractive pink color.

The "Meaning' of Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

Most people know that certain 'meanings' are usually attached to gemstones of all kinds. These are not at all scientific of course, just general lore. In the case of the pink diamond, because it is so rare, pink diamond engagement rings are said by many to not only denote luxury but the 'rarity and beauty' of the recipient. Some also say that they enhance creativity and confidence and, according to some, may even 'ward away evil'. Whatever you think of them, however, there is no doubt that pink engagement rings are beautifully eye-catching and a joy to wear.

Buying Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

In reality, because they are so very rare, finding a completely flawless pink diamond is almost impossible. In fact, at the moment there really is only one pink diamond that experts classify as truly flawless is a diamond known as the Pink Star, a diamond which, after changing hands several times was finally sold at an auction in Hong Kong for USD 71.2 million in 2017.

Because of this lack of perfection, any pink diamond engagement ring will have at least tiny 'flaws'. Not flaws that can be seen by the naked eye, but flaws that can be detected by experts with relative ease.

When buying a pink diamond engagement ring the diamond buying 'basics' should still come into play; cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. While the cut is of huge importance - as it really does influence the diamond's 'sparkle' in the case of a colored diamond like a pink diamond color is obviously crucial.

Many pink diamond engagement rings are crafted using diamonds that vary in both color intensity and in secondary hue. Many pink diamond engagement rings that boast a secondary hue are still extremely beautiful and valuable and have a unique appeal all of their own. And it almost goes without saying that when shopping for pink diamond engagement rings it is always best to work with an expert jeweler and insist that all diamonds are GIA certified, the standard for the finest diamonds in the world.