It is no surprise that we are seeing antique cut diamonds used more and more in modern jewellery. There's nothing like the warmth and sparkle of antique diamonds, and their hand-cut facets uniquely play with light. Here's a Modern jewellery cut enjoying a resurgence in popularity: the Rose Cut diamonds. 

A Rose-Cut Diamond

Diamonds with rose cut resemble rosebuds, as their name suggests. A rose-cut diamond has a flat bottom and shallower depth than brilliant diamonds, which have a cone-like bottom. It reduces the diamond's brilliance by allowing more light to escape. You shouldn't choose this diamond if sparkle is essential. 

The History Of Rose Cut Diamond

When it was the Georgian and Victorian eras, the rose cut was commonly used. They were composed of hand-cut diamonds meant to dazzle under candlelight, just like antique diamond cuts. Low light conditions were no match for their significant, broad facets.

Diamonds are cut into shapes depending on the shape of the rough crystal. To preserve the original diamond carat weight, diamond cutters strive for the highest quality. The perimeter of an antique rose cut is often more curved than perfectly round, so you might be surprised. Rose-cut diamonds utilise thin crystals that would be too shallow for other shapes.

Features Of The Rose-Cut Diamonds

Despite their large size and modest price, These diamonds are beautiful, exhibit a romantic lustre, can be customised in shape, and are transparent. Its shallow depth makes it easy to wear since it rests close to the skin. 

The perceived size is more extensive. The weight of a these diamond is more visible on its top face because it is shallower in depth than a brilliant-cut diamond. This is why rose-cut diamonds appear more prominent than diamonds of similar size in other diamond cuts.

You get more diamonds for your money. The carat weight is more visible when the tapered bottom is removed. Diamonds appear larger without incurring additional costs when viewed in this manner. 

An incredibly unique appearance. Despite their growing popularity, it is estimated that only 0.1 percent of modern diamonds are rose cuts. There is something beautiful about rose-cut diamonds because of their rarity. 

There is a subtle lustre above the sparkle. Light uniquely interacts with the diamond surface in rose-cut diamonds. A rose-cut diamond is known for its more subtle, romantic lustre compared to a brilliant-cut diamond because of its pavilion's depth and many facets. 

Various shapes are available. A rose diamond can be cut in various shapes, such as ovals, squares, rounds, rounded squares, pear shapes, kite shapes, and hexagon shapes. These diamonds are highly customisable and can be shaped into irregular shapes because of their few facets. 

A Rose-Cut Diamond Is Easy To Spot

Rose-cut diamonds usually have a domed top and are commonly cut into triangular facets in the shape of a bloomed rose. The pavilion of a brilliant-cut diamond, or its pointed base, is readily identifiable for its sparkle. In contrast, the lustre of a rose-cut diamond is muted and has a vintage appearance. 

Because of its fewer facets and shallower depth, a rose-cut diamond exhibits a softer light return. A rose-cut diamond is also more transparent than a diamond with a pavilion of its because of its shallow depth. 

The Popularity Of Rose-Cut Diamonds

Rose-cut diamonds, a rare gem with unique characteristics, have recently gained popularity by their unique characteristics. Diamonds come in various colours, including white, black, champagne, brown, colourless, and salt-and-pepper diamonds.

A rose-cut diamond's clarity or visual appearance is one of the most important factors to consider. A rose-cut diamond has a relatively large surface area, so imperfections are more noticeable because of its transparency and lack of facets. 

A diamond's internal imperfections are called inclusions, while its surface imperfections are called blemishes. Rose-cut diamonds are more noticeable because of their prominent facets and shallow depth. Therefore, colour should be considered second after the clarity grade. 

A rose-cut diamond is relatively more affordable than a diamond with a more intricate cut, regardless of its carat, brilliance, clarity, or colour. 

An approximately 6.5mm brilliant cut diamond weigh roughly 1.0 carats, whereas a 6.5mm rose cut diamond will weigh approximately 0.5 carats because of the absence of the pavilion. It would cost approximately 20% less to buy a rose-cut diamond than a brilliant-cut diamond. 

Jennifer Aniston, Camila Alves, Lily Collins, and other celebrities have worn the antique diamond cut. 

Rose-Cut Diamonds In Colour

The popularity of the white rose-cut diamond led to the popularity of coloured diamonds. Besides black, champagne, and opaque and rustic colours, rose cuts are now widespread. Although these rustic-coloured diamonds have been polished and cut, they are not "raw" diamonds. 

In cutting opaque and rustic-coloured diamonds, diamond cutters often take a lot of liberties. To maintain carat weight, they also follow the shape of diamond crystals. The traditional shapes are rounds and ovals, but kites, hexagons, and more creative shapes can also be found. 


Having few facets and shallow depth, rose-cut diamonds resemble budding roses. Besides being extensive and reasonably priced, these stones often have a unique appearance. Rose-cut diamonds feature flat bases and domed tops, providing an ethereal appearance and increased transparency over other diamond cuts. 

In recent years, rose-cut diamonds have gained popularity even among Hollywood's elite, even though they have been around for hundreds of years. The cut of a rose-cut diamond shows imperfections nicely, so clarity is an important consideration. 


Does a Rose-Cut diamond ring exist?

The GIA classified the Rose cut diamond ring as a highly desirable type IIa. In terms of chemical purity, type IIa diamonds have exceptional optical transparency. The proportion of type IIa diamonds in gem-quality diamonds is less than 2 per cent.

Are Rose-cut diamonds sparkling?

A rose-cut diamond has a subtle, sultry lustre, unlike a brilliant cut's dazzling sparkle. Ethereal, dreamy, and sophisticatedly subtle, they feel ethereal, dreamy, and sophisticated. Even though 'cut' and 'shape' are often used interchangeably, they mean very different things!

Do pink diamonds cost more than regular diamonds?

Compared to white diamonds, Fancy Vivid pink diamonds are 20 times more expensive than white diamonds. Only one source of pink diamonds is found on earth, the Argyle Mine in Australia.

Is there a colour diamond that is the cheapest?

As far as prices are concerned, grey, brown, and fancy yellow gold coloured diamonds are relatively affordable. Depending on the price range, a yellow gold diamond and an orange diamond can be intense and vivid. Several types of diamonds are higher in price, such as pink, purple, violet, green, and blue.

How does a salt and pepper diamond ring work?

Diamonds with black-and-white inclusions are called salt and pepper diamonds. Salt and pepper diamonds are unique, which means there is no such thing as a duplicate. Sometimes, the colours are dark. In others, they are bright, and in others, they almost look grey. A brilliant-cut white diamond's clarity is one of its most essential characteristics.

Rose-cut diamond engagement ring: what is that?

There are three to 24 facets on the top of a rose-cut diamond. Rose cut diamond ring, or engagement ring, has a flat bottom and no pavilion, which is the conical part of a typical diamond.

Lab-grown diamond: Is it a real diamond?

A lab-grown diamond is as real as a diamond mined from the earth. It is impossible to tell the difference between lab-grown diamonds and earth-mined diamonds.