What Is Diamond TW

Diamond ornaments combine several settings in a sophisticated way. It is necessary to count all the gemstones and crystals in a piece of jewellery with several gemstones and crystals because an ornament's diamond content is graded and weighted using Diamond Total Weight ratings. Let’s learn more about them!

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CTTW In Diamond Ring: What Does It Mean?

Rather than a single metric to measure a piece of jewellery's total weight CTTW is used to measure its total weight - CTTW stands for "carat total weight" or "total carat weight." For example, in a tennis bracelet or pavé diamond earring, CTTW is used to measure the diamond total wight within that piece of jewellery.

A diamond's carat weight and a ring's total carat weight are very different. For first-time buyers, this can cause some confusion. In the following section, we'll explain how CTTW compares to other weight measurements of diamonds.

What's The Difference Between CTTW And Carat?

The carat weight of a diamond refers to its weight, not its size. The diameter of a single metric carat diamond can vary from 5.60mm to 6.60mm depending on its cut grade and weighs exactly 200 milligrams.

The carat weight of a diamond is generally listed along with other characteristics such as its colour, size or cut, and clarity when viewed online.

In contrast, CTTW refers to the total weight of all diamonds in a particular piece of jewellery. CTTW represents the total carat weight of all diamonds, unlike ct., which shows the weight of a loose diamond.

Differentiating Cw From Tw

The carat weight is not the same as the total weight. Diamonds are measured by their carat weight so  understanding the price difference will help you as a shopper.

It will also explain why a ring with one large diamond is more valuable than a diamond ring with many smaller diamonds. A diamond's Carat Weight (CW) is measured, while the Total Weight (TW) of a ring with many small diamonds is measured.

A carat total weight (CT WT) constitutes a natural diamond because it refers to how many diamonds are contained in one stone. Diamonds are the only stone measured in CT TW, not opals, pearls, or any other stone on the jewellery. It is essential to understand that CT TW refers to the collective weight of diamonds in jewellery. 1/15 CT TW represents 15 points in the total weight of diamonds in jewellery.

Diamond TW

Diamond Prices And Total Carat Weight (CTTW)

It is exponentially more expensive to buy a diamond with higher carat weight. The price of a is $1,243. Even though it weighs only twice as much as a 1.00-carat diamond, it costs $5,453. which means the price varies with the weight of the carat.

It's simple to understand why the market price of large diamonds is higher than that of smaller diamonds because they are significantly rarer than smaller diamonds. Therefore, a large diamond of the same quality will invariably cost much more than a smaller diamond of the same quality.

This method of measurement does not apply to ring carat weights. The ring's value isn't exponentially related to its total carat weight because that figure is made by adding the carat weights of all the small diamonds in the ring.

A Diamond's CTTW

To distinguish between diamond weight and CT TW, you need to understand CT TW. On a piece of jewellery, it refers to the total weight and carat count of numerous diamonds.

Here are some things you need to know about CT TW:

The Diamond Price Cannot Be Given By CT Tw Exactly

Ultimately, the price of jewellery is determined by the total carat weight of the accent and centre stone diamonds. It is possible to find two identical rings with the same CTTW number, but they may be priced differently.

CTTW Signifies The Combined Weight Of The Two Studs

Using this concept, you can find the appropriate ring with your desired CT TW if you wish to have a higher CT TW. For example, if each diamond stud has 1 CT TW calibration, the pair has 1 CT TW and not 2 CT TW. Many shoppers fail to realise this fact and lose money.

The CTTW Of Your Ring Is The Total Weight Of Several Diamonds

The CT TW of one big stone is not equal to that of two small stones. Other gems, such as pearls, emeralds, or sapphires, will not be considered when calculating the weight


A diamond's price is determined by its carat weight. Rarely do you find diamond stones weighing one or more carats? The value of such a diamond will be higher than the value of smaller diamonds if found. Despite the same weight, the value of a small diamond will be less than a large one.


Does CTTW only apply to diamonds?

Diamonds are the only ones that qualify. Diamonds in a ring are weighed according to their CTTW. CTTW does not consider sapphires in engagement ring with diamonds, for example.

Kay or Zales: which is better?

There is no difference between Zales and Kay's. Their parent company owns them both. You will unlikely be a massive fan of Zales if you are not a big fan of Kays. All jewellery is marked up 100% by these large companies.

What are the ways to tell if diamonds are real?

Real diamonds can be identified in a few ways. Loupes are small magnifying glasses that can be used to examine diamonds. Diamonds with flaws are most likely real if you can see them. Another way to tell if a diamond is real is to hold it up to your mouth and breathe on it. Foggy diamonds are real diamonds. It is most likely fake if it stays clear. The last way to tell if a diamond is real is to put the diamond on a piece of paper. If the diamond leaves a black dot on the paper, then it is real.