Diamonds with yellow tints (or canary yellow diamonds) have become increasingly popular in the engagement ring industry for people who want a unique twist to the classic design. But, you must consider a range of other factors when purchasing a diamond with a fancy colour element, which we aim to provide guidance on in the following article. 

Fancy Yellow Diamonds: What are they?

Among the vast varieties of Fancy Colored Diamonds, yellow diamonds are the ones that are naturally produced and manufactured. In contrast to diamonds' typical clarity and colourlessness, fancy colours, such as yellow diamonds, offer an intriguing alternative. It results from a small part of nitrogen in their structure that gives them their natural yellow colour.

The most evident and colourless diamonds command the highest price; regular "colourless" diamonds can have a yellowish tinge, which is generally viewed as a negative character trait. Fancy Colored Diamonds, however, are valued again once yellow becomes a dominant colour.

There are also shades of other colours that can be found in fancy yellow diamonds, including orange and brown. Yellow diamonds with a pure, intense yellow colour, however, are the most valuable and desirable. It is common to call these pure yellow diamonds Canary Diamonds, or Canary Yellow Diamonds.

Regarding price, Canary Diamonds are highly valued because their shade resembles that of a canary bird.

A Yellow Diamond's Origin

The nitrogen in their composition is what gives yellow diamonds their unique colour. In the presence of nitrogen molecules, blue light is absorbed, resulting in the yellow tint of the stone. Yellow diamonds can range from light to dark, depending on how much nitrogen they contain.

Yellow diamonds have a brown or orange tint due to different chemicals present during their formation. However, Canary Diamonds are rare because they exhibit a deep, intense yellow colour due to a natural process.

A Description Of Canary Diamonds

Among yellow diamonds, Canary Yellow Diamonds are the most valuable and sought-after because, unlike dull or light yellow tinges that are considered harmful in diamonds, these diamonds exhibit a deep, intense yellow hue.

As far as the GIA is concerned, canary diamonds are simply fancy yellow diamonds, ranging from fancy intense to fancy vivid. A yellow diamond with pure yellow colour is known as a canary yellow diamond, not an official term.

Compared to most other yellow diamonds, Canary Yellow Diamonds are rare and beautiful.

The Rarity Of Yellow Diamonds

There are approximately 10,000 carats of diamonds mined annually, and only one carat is considered a fancy coloured diamond.

There are very few high-quality yellow diamonds worldwide, and yellow diamonds make up only 0.001% of all diamonds mined in the world. In particular, vivid yellow diamonds are rare with retailers and cost more per carat than white diamonds.

Four out of five yellow diamonds graded by GIA in 2004 were fancy yellows, 21% were fancy light yellows, 24% were intense yellows, 3% were deep or dark, and 6% were vivid yellows.

Various Types Of Yellow Diamonds

The most affordable yellow diamonds on the market are cape diamonds, which fall into the lower end of the D-to-Z colour grading. As diamonds become more vivid, they tend to get more expensive and are graded as fancy diamonds. Yellow diamonds are darker than the usual D-to-Z range and are graded as fancy diamonds. The six categories of yellow diamonds include:

Diamond With A Fancy Light Yellow Colour

In terms of yellow colour intensity, a fancy light yellow diamond is the least intense yellow diamond of the various carats of fancy yellow diamonds. Despite the colourless appearance, these diamonds will remain very yellow. As a lesser expensive option, they are still very much on the yellow colour spectrum and are great engagement rings.

Diamond Of Fancy Yellow Colour

Unlike fancy light yellow diamonds, fancy yellow diamonds are a step darker but are still on the lighter side. As a result of the strength of colour, these fancy yellow diamonds will have a higher value per carat than a fancy light yellow diamond.

Diamond With A Dark Yellow Colour

The cost of fancy yellow diamonds varies by carat. The cost of fancy dark yellow diamonds increases once the colour scale reaches a higher level. It is relatively uncommon to find a fancy vivid yellow diamond, a fancy dark yellow diamond, a deep yellow diamond, or a fancy intense yellow diamond mined from the earth.

Initially, they were available only to those who could outbid others. The cost of lab-grown options has improved significantly but is still higher than some options. Diamonds with fancy colours are generally more expensive and harder to find per carat.

Diamond With Deep Yellow Colour

This category includes fancy deep yellow diamonds with full yellow colour and brownish-yellow, orange, and green undertones. Tones can be found in fancy coloured diamonds of all hues, and the GIA grades them accordingly.

Yellow Diamond With Intense Colour

A fancy intense yellow diamond with a considerable carat weight can be expensive. It is the second most resounding colour rating. According to a study conducted by the GIA, they ranged from $6,500 to $8,000 per carat. Compared with lab-grown fancy colour diamonds, these prices are inflated because they are mined.

An expensive investment, fancy intense yellow diamonds mined from the earth look, and chemically are, the same as lab-grown diamonds. Start your search for fancy intense yellow diamonds if you want a brilliant yellow.

Diamond With Vivid Yellow Colour

The most intense yellow diamond is a fancy vivid yellow diamond, also known as a canary diamond. These rare, expensive gems feature unique colours and are also known as fancy colour diamonds. Pure yellow diamonds are more valuable than those with greenish, brown, orange, or brownish yellow tints.

You can pick which colour rating you want to shop within based on your preferred colour tones in your diamond and your general maximum cost. Lab-grown fancy colour diamonds are available in a broader range of categories with Clean Origin jewellery.

How Expensive Are Yellow Diamonds?

A yellow diamond with vivid, intense colour can be of great value and rarity. As a result, lighter yellow diamonds are cheaper and appear white depending on the shade.

Generally, the price of fancy colour diamonds varies based on their fancy colour rating, clarity, shape, and other factors. GIA evaluates the colour of yellow diamonds, noting whether they are relatively colourless or if they have brownish undertones or orange hues.

What Determines The Value Of A Yellow Diamond?

Undertones play a vital role in determining the value of fancy colour diamonds. Yellow diamonds with true yellow undertones are worth more than those with light yellow. Although undertones in yellow diamonds differ in colour, some people prefer them because they produce interesting effects on the yellow diamond's colour.

The most expensive and sought-after yellow diamond grades tend to be fancy vivid yellow diamonds, which also go by the canary diamonds. Yellow diamonds can be expensive rarities or inexpensive gifts, depending on their size, colour intensity, and grade.

It is up to the individual to determine the value of these diamonds based on their personal preferences. As you move from light to darker colours, they become less of a ring budget announcement and more of a fun personalisation option.

Engagement Ring Settings With Yellow Diamonds

When choosing your setting, keep the points mentioned above in mind. The colour of the diamond will typically appear deep when set in a yellow gold setting, while it will appear lighter when set in a white gold setting. Consider having a yellow diamond set in yellow gold to maximise the colour of your diamond instead of a yellow diamond of one intensity grade higher. There are three main engagement ring settings to be aware of.

The First Style: The Halo Setting 

Yellow diamond engagement rings with halo settings can appear more prominent, especially if two layers of stones surround them.

The Second Style: The Pavé Setting

Pave settings with incorporated side stones make this ring sparkle even more. It is possible to choose a side stone that matches the colour of your centre stone or a white diamond as your side stone.

The Third Style: The Side Stones Setting

A yellow diamond can be accentuated and highlighted with a side stone setting. Whether you choose round brilliants or triangles, your side stones should match your style.

Yellow Lab Diamonds: How Are They Made?

An essential part of making lab-grown diamonds is determining if the diamond will be fancy coloured. In the case of yellow diamonds, nitrogen is introduced during the growing process, which gives the diamond its yellow hue. Nitrogen introduces vibrant colour, so more nitrogen means more colour!

Trace elements and chemicals create natural fancy coloured diamonds, but the lab growth process uses those elements to create purposefully brilliant stones. Canary diamonds are becoming an exact science rather than a guess at what hue they will have.

Lab-grown diamonds are becoming more popular, so people can wear them daily and add a special touch to their yellow diamond ring.

Yellow Diamonds Grown In Laboratories Vs Mined Diamonds

Yellow diamonds that are mined are rare and therefore highly valued. A diamond had to be unearthed by someone before lab growing could occur. A yellow diamond's price skyrocketed due to the time taken to mine it, mining costs, and controlled trade.

The rarity of yellow diamonds causes diamond practices that are unsustainable and conflict-ridden. There is no colour grade limit for lab-grown yellow diamonds!

Lab-grown diamonds are often intense, expensive stones that can be made sustainably and on-demand for clients. D-to-Z yellow diamonds are not often needed. Mining a canary diamond is time-consuming, so many people choose to lab grow them instead. People still buy mined fancy coloured diamonds despite being able to design them at a lower cost with less wait time.

Gem specialists can't tell the difference between lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds. The accessibility of lab-grown diamond technology makes it possible to price them lower than top-quality natural diamonds, which leads people to believe that lab-grown diamonds have a much higher quality.


Making diamond jewellery or a yellow diamond ring more personal with colourful diamonds is a fun and exciting way to make it more unique! While yellow diamonds are often more alluring than white diamonds, many are intimidated by their complexity. When buying fancy coloured diamonds, it can be challenging to know where to begin. 


Do Canary Diamonds Exist?

It is 100% true that yellow diamonds exist. In the same process as colourless diamonds, coloured diamonds are created by adding additional chemicals (most notable nitrogen).

How valuable are yellow-coloured diamonds? 

To grade colourless diamonds, the yellower they are, the less valuable they are. As a diamond's colour gets more intense, its value rises once it has passed the classic colour scale (D to Z).

Do yellow diamonds cost more?

Colourless diamonds are more expensive than light or faint yellow diamonds due to their rarity. It is rare, valuable, and usually more expensive to find deep, intense yellow diamonds and Canary Yellow diamonds.

There are many popularised diamonds worldwide, but some most commonly worn are deep yellow or canary diamonds. Many celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez, Carrie Underwood, and Hillary Clinton, have worn Canary Yellow diamonds.