Victoria Beckham, the fashion icon and former Spice Girl, has always been known for her exquisite taste in fashion and style. Her engagement rings are no exception. With her high-profile marriage to soccer superstar David Beckham and dazzling jewellery collection, it's no surprise that Victoria Beckham's engagement rings have set the bar high for luxury

In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at Victoria Beckham's top 10 engagement rings that are the epitome of luxury and glamour. 

Get ready to be dazzled!

Why Does She Have So Many Rings? 

Victoria Beckham Engagement Rings

Victoria Beckham has a stunning collection of engagement rings gifted to her by her husband, David Beckham. The couple has been married for over 20 years and has always been known for their extravagant displays of affection. However, one might wonder why Victoria Beckham has so many engagement rings, especially when she only has one husband. 

Sentimental Value

Each engagement ring David gifted to Victoria holds a special meaning and memory. It's not uncommon for couples to exchange multiple rings throughout their marriage; for Victoria, each ring represents a different milestone in their relationship. 

For example, the couple got engaged in 1998, and Victoria's first engagement ring was a marquise-cut diamond ring, which she later replaced with a pear-shaped diamond ring in 2003.

Fashion And Style

Victoria Beckham is a fashion icon and has always been known for her impeccable style. Unsurprisingly, she would have a collection of engagement rings matching her outfits and styles. 

Her collection includes classic diamond solitaires, vintage-inspired rings, and a stunning pink diamond ring. Each ring is a reflection of her unique taste and style.


Victoria Beckham's engagement rings are beautiful jewellery and a smart investment. Over the years, the value of diamonds and other precious gemstones has increased significantly, and her collection is estimated to be worth millions of dollars. 

As a savvy businesswoman, it's no surprise that Victoria would invest in something that holds sentimental value and has a high return on investment.

Display Of Love

David and Victoria Beckham have always been known for their extravagant displays of love and affection. For them, each engagement ring is a symbol of their love and commitment to each other. It's a way for David to show his love and appreciation for his wife and to celebrate their milestones together.

A Closer Look At Victoria Beckham Engagement Rings

Now that we understand the reasons behind Victoria's collection of engagement rings gifted by her husband, David, it's time to take a closer look at the stunning rings in her collection. Prepare to be dazzled, as these are not just ordinary rings. 

Here are the top 10 engagement rings owned by Victoria Beckham:

Marquise-cut Diamond On A Yellow Gold Band

Starting with the first ring, the one David Beckham proposed to her in 1998, featured a three-carat marquise-cut diamond set on a simple yellow gold band. The estimated cost of the ring was $85,000 at the time.

Platinum Eternity band

In 2001, Victoria stopped wearing her marquise-cut diamond and opted for a platinum eternity band featuring a bevelled edge and white diamonds. This was the only single band she wore during that time.

Emerald-cut Diamond With Side Baguettes

In 2003, Victoria received her first major upgrade: an emerald-cut diamond with side baguettes set in platinum. 

Pink Oval-cut Diamond With Halo Setting

The following year, David gifted Victoria a pink champagne diamond ring with a halo setting to celebrate her 30th birthday, reportedly valued at $1.1 million.

Pear Diamond Cut Ring On A Platinum Pave Band

The next ring, given to her in 2005, was a pear-cut diamond weighing 17 carats, set on a diamond pave band. 

Emerald-cut Diamond On A Yellow Gold Pave Band

In 2006, Victoria moved on to her second coloured diamond, an emerald-cut yellow diamond set in a yellow-gold pave band, which she regularly wore with two-eternity bands.

Cushion-cut Emerald Ring And Emerald-cut Diamond On A Pavé Band

Victoria received a cushion-cut emerald mounted in a sculptural diamond spiral in 2007. In 2008, she acquired a bigger emerald-cut diamond weighing 15 carats and designed by Chopard. The 2008 ring is similar to her 2006 ring, except for the shade of the diamond.

Oval-cut Ruby On With A Diamond Halo And Oval-Cut Sapphire 

In 2009, Victoria moved on to rubies, acquiring an oval-cut ruby mounted in a white-diamond setting. And in 2010, she completed her precious gemstone set by acquiring a huge oval-cut sapphire on a thin pave band.


Victoria Beckham Engagement Rings

Victoria Beckham's collection of engagement rings, gifted by her husband, David Beckham, is impressive. 

From her first marquise-cut diamond on a yellow gold band to her latest acquisition of a huge oval-cut sapphire on a platinum pave band, each ring holds a special place in her heart and represents a significant moment in their relationship.

These stunning rings are not only a symbol of their love and devotion but also a testament to their luxurious and glamorous lifestyle. With each upgrade, David Beckham showed his unwavering love and commitment to Victoria, making her one of the luckiest women in the world.

As we continue to admire Victoria's collection of engagement rings, we can only imagine what David will gift her next, but one thing is for sure: it will be as luxurious and unique as the ones before it!


How many engagement rings does Victoria Beckham have in total?

Victoria Beckham has 15 engagement rings gifted by her husband, David Beckham.

Which is the most expensive of her rings?

Posh's pear-shaped diamond ring, which comes in at a massive 17 carats, is among her largest and her priciest rings.

What is the total value of Victoria Beckham's engagement ring collection?

The total value of Victoria Beckham's engagement ring collection is not publicly known. However, estimates suggest that the collection is worth several million dollars due to the high-quality diamonds and precious gemstones in many rings. Beckham's most expensive ring, the posh pear-shaped diamond ring, is estimated to be worth around $2.6 million, which gives an idea of the scale of the collection's value.