We all know that old saying - with the old (but wonderful) song that goes along with it; diamonds are a girl's' best friend. But we'd like to get more specific when it comes to diamond earrings; pink diamonds are a girl's best friend.

Why? For starters, most women like pink. Even those who usually prefer to wear darker colours. Secondly, take a look at your friends' earrings the next time you're out. Lots of clear diamonds, nice, but not exactly memorable or different. Pink diamond earrings, however, are very different. They stand out from the crowd. And so, so will you.

But putting aside for a second the incredible look pink diamond earrings offer they are very special for other reasons. Here are just a few of those:

They are Super Rare

Every diamond is, if it's cut and polished the right way, a beauty. But a pink diamond is a rare beauty. Really rare. 90% of the world's supply of pink diamonds come from a single source (just one mine, but more about that in a moment.) And at that mine for every 1 million carats of diamonds mined produces, on average, just a single carat of pink diamond that is suitable to sell.

The Way They Form is Mysterious

Most of us learn in primary school science class about the basics of a diamond formation. Diamonds were formed deep in the Earth's mantle and then at some point, they were pushed up much closer to the surface by volcanic eruptions. These eruptions result in the creation of kimberlite and lamproite 'pipes' that can then be excavated to bring these precious gems to the surface.

But in the case of coloured diamonds, like the pink ones used to make pink diamond earrings, scientists believe something else happens to them to give them their pretty pink hue. But they are still not quite sure what that is in the case of pink diamonds.

Other naturally colored diamonds derive their unique shades from various naturally occuring chemical impurities that absorb light. For example, most yellow diamonds usually contain minute traces of nitrogen, and the very rare blue diamond almost always contain traces of boron.

The mystery attached to the pink diamond is that, when tested, they do not seem to have been infiltrated by other chemicals at all. This has led most experts to speculate that the pink color may actually be the result of a long-ago seismic shock that actually changed the stone's molecular structure. This is borne out by the fact that the vast majority of them are only found deep within a single mine.

They Come From Exotic Places

Remember we told you that 90% of the world's pink diamonds come from a single mine? That mine is called the Argyle Mine and it's located the East Kimberley region in the remote north end of Western Australia. It's a beautiful, but rather desolate place that surrounds a huge man-made lake - Lake Argyle - and is home to the widest variety of birds in the country. So, to know the pink diamond earrings you are wearing originated in such a place is, again, pretty cool.

They Come in Many Different Hues

No two pink diamonds can ever be said to be the same. The pink can vary in intensity from a deep, almost purplish pink, to a light baby pink. Many also contain a secondary hue. Some have hints of blue, some have hints of yellow. Others have a greenish, or even grayish, tinge. These variations mean that every pink diamond - and therefore every piece of jewellery crafted from it - is unique in appearance - and if you are going to treat yourself - or a loved one - to a fine pair of diamond earrings you obviously want them to be very special. And if you opt for pink diamond earrings they certainly will be.