The word and country, Colombia, has many connotations depending on the context. When used in regards to emeralds, it is often referring to one of the finer types of emeralds in the world. What is it that makes Colombian emeralds so appealing? After all, a Colombian emerald stone is an emerald that comes from Colombia, right? However, if it were that simple, Colombian emeralds’ prices wouldn’t be as steep as they are. Allow us to delve into the world of Colombian emeralds in order to discover the ultimate appeal of these fine stones.

The Unique Color of Colombian Emeralds

One of the indicators, to a professional eye, that an emerald is indeed a Colombian emerald and not an emerald from a different location, is its unique color. Colombian emeralds display a very distinct shade of green due to the very particular structure of emeralds that formed in this region.
In contrast, emeralds from other locations will appear in other shades of green; sometimes even with a bluish tint.

Emerald diamonds

Emerald diamonds

Colombian Emeralds - A Different Standard of Quality

While some people like to speculate why certain commodities are priced significantly higher than others of the same type, depending on where they are from, it is important to understand that sometimes there is a valid answer while other times there is not. It would be wiser to truly investigate the instances where there is a valid explanation and try and determine whether that still justifies the price discrepancy.

For example, many ask why Colombian emeralds are generally more costly than other emeralds and are considered to have a different standard of quality. After taking a closer look at the history of Colombian emeralds and the specifics of these unique stones, it is safe to say that it is not just their name that gives them this standard, or the fact that Colombia was one of the first known sources for emeralds.

Furthermore, it is not even the appearance of these stones alone that makes them so special, but rather, the unique structure of the Colombian emeralds, which gives them both a one-of-kind color as well as a backstory. Other emeralds are formed differently, which makes these stones unique and does supply them with their own built-in “name brand” quality.

Amazing emerald rings

Amazing emerald rings

The Colombian Name

While the Colombian name alone comes with a high level of prestige, it is backed by quality and unique stones. At the same time, not all Colombian emeralds are of superb quality and there are plenty of emeralds from other sources that are superior to some Colombian emeralds. Therefore, it is important to discern what is of utmost importance to a buyer before going ahead with the purchasing process. Is it the status? Is it the color? Is it the uniqueness of the emerald? The price? The size? Only when these questions can be answered honestly can one decide if the Colombian name alone is enough for them.

To summarize, emeralds in general are beautiful and valuable gemstones. The May gemstone is especially sought after when sourced from Colombia, although they are comparable to emeralds such as Zambian emeralds, in terms of quality. The ultimate appeal of Colombian emeralds specifically is the fact that they have a good reputation much like any other top name brand. They are also more abundant and possess a specific shade of green that can be identified as Colombian, making it an instant status symbol. Each customer is looking for something else when it comes to emeralds, so as mesmerizing as they may be, Colombian emeralds are not one’s only option for this stunning natural green precious gemstone, but definitely have quite the irresistible appeal on many levels.