The ever-popular Three Stone Engagement Ring, is one of the most meaningful pieces of jewelry you could ever receive. Representing the past, present and the future it comes intertwined with a series of heart felt emotions.

Considering a proposal and don’t know which ring to invest in? Make the three stone tradition yours. With a selection of three stone beauties that might just make it to the top of your list, there’s no reason to say no to this age-old custom. Adding a balanced look that complements any hand, the stone trilogy will undoubtedly make a sensual choice.

With celebrities setting the trends these days, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is a bride that resonates beautifully with today’s minimalistic and independent woman. Bringing back the trend of the three stone engagement ring, Meghan received a ring that was filled thoroughly with symbolism. With diamonds from her late mother in laws collection and ones that Harry bought in Botswana, a country the couple visited on one of their first dates, the ring brought out the couple’s emotional side and will stay with them forever.

It’s now your chance to splurge on a three stone diamond engagement ring that will never go out of style. Here’s a cushion cut, 2.53 carat ring that has a charming appeal. The center stone comes with a well thought of cut that seems to intensify its sparkle unlike any other. Highlighted by the emerald cut accents, the entire ring screams confidence with ease.

This Marquise cut three stone diamond ring that makes a great versatile choice.
Boasting a beautiful 1.01 carat natural diamond at the center, it is the right choice if you’re looking for a ring to help elongate her fingers. Surrounded by a halo of diamonds and two complementing marquise’, this ring has been crafted in 14K white gold.

Opt for a little color like this Canary Diamond cushion that weighs 3.29 carats. A remarkable gemstone, it stands out making a bold statement with two trillions that rest on either side.

Certified and full of color, this rare Fancy Light Yellow Diamond overpowers with its glorious sparkle symbolizing the past, present and future.

With a myriad of options we have something for everyone and here’s a piece that just right for a woman who likes big jewelry.

Set with an irreplaceable Very Light Green Diamond, that weighs 2.27 carats, there’s no denying its color is brought out by the Light Pinks that accompany it.

A three stone beauty that will forever evoke memories it’s the perfect choice to begin a journey together.

Three stone green diamond engagement ring

Here’s another stone trilogy that will always represent true friendship and a strong bond.

Set with a vibrant and renewing pear cut, Fancy Yellowish Green Diamond, it has a very soothing appearance.

Completing a woman thanks to its lively luster, this 2.02 carat gem it will never go out of style and is highlighted by the half moon shaped natural sparkles on either side.