Diamonds, as the old adage goes, are forever... But it doesn't mean they won't get dirty, or that the ring they sit in won't wear out over time. And if you are lucky enough to have a yellow diamond engagement ring, you will certainly want to take special care of that stunner.
However, we also know that you want to show off your diamond ring as much as possible, and engagement rings are, to many people, one of the two pieces of jewelry they never want to take off. The other being their wedding ring when they get it.
But we do recommend avoiding wearing your yellow diamond ring when performing certain duties to avoid harming your stunning sparkler. Here are our top ten arguments for times when you should not be wearing your yellow diamond engagement ring.


Swimming with your yellow diamond engagement ring on can result in a variety of problems.
For starters, if your fingers are immersed in water for an extended period of time, your fingers may shrink, causing it to slip off and become lost. The biggest difficulty, though, is the water... Salt water can cloud your diamond, while chlorine and chemicals found in swimming pools and hot tubs can corrode the ring's metal. If you're going swimming, it's best to leave your jewelry at home just to be safe.

At the Gym

It's crucial to consider the type of exercise you're performing when working out because your yellow diamond itself, and the ring it's the star of, can be vulnerable to scrapes and chips when using gym equipment and weight machines.
Your ring can even lose its shape if it is constantly in contact with weights, machine handles, or even your own body weight... Stones may become loose or even fall out as a result of this. Furthermore, while a basic treadmill run may not result in direct contact with your ring, you don't want it to slip off a sweaty or slippery finger.

Impact Sports

Any sport that requires you to use your hands, such as tennis, golf, or even bowling, exposes your ring to hard surfaces such as tennis rackets, golf clubs, or bowling balls. And all of these if handled wrong can chip your yellow diamond or scratch your ring's metal.
People who believe a cushioned boxing glove will give protection are mistaken — this is not the case. If you really don't want to leave your diamond engagement ring at home, remove the ring and loop it onto it on a chain around your neck, so it's never too far away. This will help protect your ring from damage, minimize the risk of it being lost or stolen in the locker room and allow you to pop your yellow diamond ring back on before you head out

When Washing Your Hands

Handwashing has become a BIG deal over the past few years, and most of us are finding ourselves lathering our hands up more than we have since we were toddlers and our parents forced us to. This is a good thing, except if you wear your diamond engagement ring when you do.
Washing too vigorously can cause the ring to slide off - and you don't want that jewelry to fall down the drain. The soap can also create a dulling film on your ring that will mute the sparkle you want everyone to see.
When you are at home, you can make use of a ring tray to place your yellow diamond engagement ring in while you wash your hands. When you are out, it will be a little trickier (leaving your diamond ring on the side of a mall bathroom sink is a terrible scenario to imagine) so pop it in your wallet before you wash your hands to keep it safe.

yellow diamond ring

yellow diamond ring

Hand Cream Application

Applying hand lotion can generate an accumulation of oil and residue on the surface of the diamond as well as beneath the setting. When multiple layers of hand cream accumulate beneath the diamond, internal inclusions can develop on the top surface, which is not ideal, to say the least, when you or your fiancé have invested in a high quality diamond like a yellow diamond engagement ring.
So take your ring off before you moisturize, but don't worry if you haven't been thus far, a soft toothbrush and some dishwashing liquid will remove the build-up — simply brush gently under warm water and rinse away any soap suds.


Why not store your ring box next to your bed and put your diamond to rest as well when you go to sleep at night? You can move about unintentionally while sleeping, and your ring could become caught in the fabric of your blanket, causing the setting to become loose.
Furthermore, depending on how you sleep, you may place undue strain on the ring, which can have long-term consequences for the setting's overall stability. A ring box in your bedroom serves as a helpful reminder to take it off at night (or for an afternoon nap!).


Your ring should be kept well out of your cleaning routine when it comes to heavy housework. Cleaning tools containing chemicals such as bleach can discolor metal, and the surfaces of most brushes, scouring pads, and sponges can scratch your band, making it dull.
It's also possible that the heavy workload necessary for some cleaning operations can damage your ring's structural integrity. You don't want your vacuum cleaner's tight grip to alter the shape of your rings! When cleaning, remove the ring and replace it with rubber gloves to help ensure your hands look great when you put it back on.


There are a variety of reasons why you should remove your yellow diamond engagement ring when cooking... The first is for hygienic reasons; you don't want microorganisms from fresh meat and fish to contaminate your gleaming gemstone. Another common mistake in the kitchen is that when kneading bread or creating cake and biscuit mixes, the residues of your wonderful delicacies can become trapped beneath the stone. Unless you're just throwing your favorite pizza in the oven or pouring a glass of wine, keep your ring safely out of the way when you're in the kitchen.


Gardening, like cleaning, poses several threats to your gleaming diamond ring. Not only can the earth and dirt embed themselves in your ring setting, but the work itself can put undue stress and pressure on the ring, causing it to become deformed or loose – or even for the yellow diamond to fall out.

yellow diamond ring

yellow diamond ring

Taking Your Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring for a 'Check Up'

Taking your yellow diamond engagement ring in for a checkup every couple of years is always a good idea. Taking your ring back to the store where you purchased it for inspection allows the craftsman who made it to double-check that everything is in working order. They may check that all claws are in place and that no stones are loose, as well as clean and polish your ring to make it as brilliant and sparkly as new. Most jewelers can also supply you with an up-to-date insurance valuation. Winner.