Promise Rings can be a beautiful addition to a person's jewellery collection or an important part of a relationship. However, there are some things to consider before investing in these rings.

Promise Rings can symbolise different things to different people, so it is important to understand what they represent before investing; Astteria can definitely help you with that.

The Thought Behind A Promise Ring

These are a type of commitment ring that often signify a person's intentions or desires. Though many rings come in sets, there is no right or wrong way to wear one. 

Some believe that promise rings to enhance the sense of romance and connection, while others find them cheesy and tacky. 

Regardless of why someone chooses to wear a promise ring, the design and symbolism should be considered. They are usually made from gold or other heavy metals and have an inscription that reads "I promise." The rings are often given as a symbol of commitment and hope.

Promise Ring Meaning

These rings are jewellery many people feel represents a promise or commitment to another person. They often come in a variety of colours and designs and can be a symbol of love or friendship. These rings can be a fun and unique way to show someone you care about them, and they can also help keep your relationship alive

These rings are a promise to return something of value. They are often worn as a symbol of love and affection. Promises made in these rings are often thought to be trust-building and perpetuating relationships.

Promise Ring vs Engagement Ring

There are two types: promise rings and engagement rings. These rings are typically smaller and less flashy than engagement rings but can still be a symbol of love. In contrast, many people choose to go for an Engagement Ring. 

An Engagement Ring is typically more flashy and ostentatious than a promise ring, and it's often designed as a sign of commitment between two people.

When it comes to ring size, there is a big difference between a promise ring and an engagement ring. For one, promise rings are smaller in size than engagement rings

You may have to go up a size when buying an engagement ring, but the cost of a these ring is typically much less. Promise rings come with a warranty, whereas most engagement rings do not.

Types Of Promise Rings

1) Trilogy Rings

The trilogy ring is a three-stone ring, typically containing one diamond and two gemstones, symbolising the past, the present and the future of a couple’s relationship. This ring has been popularised by celebrities to represent their love for each other.

2) Solitaire

The single diamond ring has been the most popular style for engagement rings for centuries and is still seen as the best design for promise rings. The solitaire ring is a symbol of purity, and it can be worn with any other type of jewellery. They come in a variety of colours, shapes and carats.

When you purchase a solitaire ring, you are pledging to protect your loved ones from harm. The ring is made of durable titanium and comes with a stainless steel back that can be easily replaced. The promise of the solitaire ring is simple: your loved ones will be safe no matter what.

3) Diamond Cluster

The diamonds within a cluster are cut into smaller and more slender pieces than other diamonds. This makes the diamonds within the cluster more likely to be culled for their fire-treating qualities and intended for use in rings. 

Because of this, it is not rare to find a diamond cluster; several small diamonds set together are more affordable than one large stone and can still make an impactful statement.

4) Gemstones

For many people, gemstones are a source of inspiration for their jewellery. It is a ring that contains metal and gemstones that are meant to represent the wearer's love for someone. The stones' beauty and unique properties can be seen in anything from rings to earrings. 

Tips On Wearing A Promise Ring

1. Know your size. Do not purchase a ring that is too small or large. Make sure the ring can comfortably fit on your finger.

2. Avoid putting pressure on the ring. Do not try to shove the ring onto your finger quickly or hard. The rings should be placed so that they will rest lightly on your skin and not be pressed against it in any way.

3. Maintain the integrity of the diamonds and gold. Wearing a diamond with an inscription or design may also cause damage, so it is important to consult with a jewellery specialist before buying any rings.

4. Choose the right ring design. There are many ring designs, so it is important to choose one that is both unique and stylish. Look for rings with clever and innovative designs that will make your partner stand out from the rest.

5. Be sure the ring is comfortable. When you are planning on wearing your promise ring, make sure it is comfortable. Many people find Astteria rings quite comfortable, so ensure you get your ring from them when you buy yours!


Promise rings are a great way to show your love for someone and make them feel important. They are also a great way to show your commitment to that person. If you are considering getting a promise ring, check out Astteria to get the best out of your budget to suit your taste.


Should a promise ring still be worn after marriage?

Wearing a promise ring after marriage can also be seen as an act of remembrance for the person who gave you a ring and what they meant to you before you married

Some people believe that wearing a promise ring after marriage symbolises their commitment to their spouse and shows others that they are married even if they don't wear an engagement or wedding band.

Can I wear a promise ring and the wedding ring on the same finger?

Yes. However, it is not customary to wear two wedding rings on one finger. There are many different ways in which people choose to wear rings, so your partner may want you to wear both rings at once. 

However, many prefer to wear it on separate fingers, and the main reason is that the wedding ring should be worn on the ring finger of the left hand, while a promise ring should be worn on the right hand.

What is the real reasoning behind a promise ring?

These rings date back to ancient times when they were a tangible symbol of love. People share the same sentiment nowadays to symbolise monogamy.