Although you may think fancy colored yellow diamonds are not that rare - they keep popping up everywhere in 'celebrity land' at the moment it seems - the simple fact is that yellow diamond is far harder to find than anyone but those involved in the diamond world directly might realise.

The Rise of the Yellow Diamond

Of all the diamonds mined across the globe in any given year, out of 10,000 carats, typically only one is a natural-colored diamond. Yellow diamonds stand out as they are the 'more common' than their pink, blue or purple siblings and account, as of 2019, for 60% of all the colored diamonds in the world.

The Rise of the Yellow Diamond2

With the closure of the Argyle Mine in 2020, it is likely that the pink diamond it is so famous for producing will become increasingly rare, perhaps putting it further out of reach for those looking to buy fancy colored diamonds in jewelry to be worn rather than for purely investment purposes. The yellow diamond may, therefore, become even more popular as the choice for those who, rightly in our opinion, want to show off the beauty of fancy colored diamonds themselves.

Yellow Diamonds 101

The yellow diamond is not, as some may believe a lower grade white diamond. While white diamonds, when graded D-Z do get yellower the closer they get to Z, and the slightly dingy tint makes them less desirable, something magical happens after Z. The diamond takes on a pure yellow tone that is beautiful to behold. Then, the more intense that yellow tone is, the more valuable the diamond becomes.

The Rise of the Yellow Diamond3

What causes a diamond to take on this sunny, upbeat hue? Nitrogen. The presence of nitrogen in the stone means that when the light hits it blue light is absorbed and the yellow color is revealed.

Not all yellow diamonds are single hued affairs, however, and what color they are accented with can change their appearance - and their value - considerably. However, it's a safe bet to state that in general yellow diamonds are the perfect choice for those who love bright pops of color that add a happy, sunny vibe to their appearance - and their day.

Where are Yellow Diamonds Mined?

Given you now understand just how rare the yellow diamond is you may be wondering where they are most commonly found. The fact is that the yellow diamond is primarily an African phenomenon and is mined across Angola, Central Africa, Congo, and Sierra Leone. Yellow Diamonds were once also found in larger numbers in the Ellendale mine in Australia, but that ceased operations in 2015 when it, like the Argyle Mine, no longer seemed to have too many treasures to offer to the world.


The Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

The most commonly seen on Instagram use of a yellow diamond in jewelry is the yellow diamond engagement ring. These rings have been sported by a number of celebrity women - everyone from country music superstars like Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson to TV personalities like Heidi Klum and rappers like Iggy Azalea. But that is not the only reason for their popularity.

The Rise of the Yellow Diamond5 The Rise of the Yellow Diamond4

As a more affordable choice of fancy colored diamond engagement ring they are within reach of more couples and yet are still fairly unusual. They are also very versatile, complementing all kinds of personal fashion tastes. Their popular 'meaning' is perhaps attractive to some as well; representing knowledge, intellect, and wisdom as well as enthusiasm and optimism. Whatever the reason that they are chosen however one thing is sure, the yellow diamond is here to stay and is only likely to become more prized as time goes on.

Yellow is the New Black6