Some people want a more understated diamond engagement ring, while others want their engagement ring band to be as spectacular and appear as big as possible. If you fall into the latter category, we have some helpful hints on how to make your diamond engagement ring look bigger without having to spend more money on a larger center stone.

Prioritize Diamond Engagement Ring Cuts

If you're shopping for a diamond for your engagement ring and want it to appear as large as possible, pay closer attention to the cut grade. People frequently believe that increasing the carat weight of a diamond is the only way to make it appear larger. That, however, is not the case. The size of a diamond - and how large it appears to be in those Insta shots - is determined by a number of factors, including how it was cut.

So, how does a diamond's cut affect how big it appears to be? A diamond with great brilliance (sparkle) appears larger to the naked eye. And a great cut is required for a diamond to have optimum brightness. We recommend selecting a diamond with a cut rating of Very Good or Excellent to ensure excellent brightness.

The cut grade is so critical for how large a diamond appears that a bad cut grade can make even a huge diamond appear much smaller. So, while a higher carat weight will result in a diamond that is technically larger, a poor cut grade will nullify all of that expensive extra carat weight.

1. Select Your Diamond Shape Carefully

Another factor that influences the appearance of the size of any gemstone is its form. Diamonds come in, or can be cut into, a variety of shapes, including round, princess, and oval. However, the mass of each diamond shape is distributed differently. Some diamond shapes have greater mass on the table (the diamond's top), making them appear larger per carat.

Which diamond shapes have the most carats per carat? The four forms that appear to be the largest per carat are marquise, pear, oval, and emerald diamonds (in order of appearance). Oval diamonds are a popular choice among people who desire a classic-style engagement ring while also wanting to maximize the size of their engagement ring's central diamond. Oval cut diamonds appear to be larger in size per carat than round diamonds, yet they have a similar classic appearance.

Stunning engagement ring

Stunning engagement ring

2. Stay Away from Certain Diamond Shapes

As we just mentioned, no matter what the actual carat weight, some diamond shapes appear larger per carat, while others appear smaller per carat. Avoid Asscher cut and Princess cut diamonds if you want the largest-looking diamond possible within your budget. Because of the way they're created, both of these shapes hide a lot of their weight beneath their tables.

Round diamonds are another diamond shape to avoid if you want to give your fancy colored diamond engagement ring the appearance of really big bling. Marquise, pear, oval, and emerald diamonds appear larger per carat than round diamonds.

Then there's the fact that they're usually a lot more pricey. Round diamonds are by far the most expensive diamond form, partly because of demand (round is the most popular diamond shape) and partly because the round diamond cutting procedure produces more raw diamond waste.

3. Consider Going for Lower Color and Clarity Grades

Diamond color and clarity, unlike diamond cut, have little bearing on how large a diamond seems. If size is your first goal, remember that lowering diamond color and clarity will help you stretch your center stone budget farther. Allowing yourself to be flexible with your color and clarity grades allows you to spend more money on a diamond with a higher carat weight but still opt for Very Good or Excellent cut and clarity grades.

4. A Halo Works Size Magic

If you want your engagement ring to look as dazzling and big as possible, halo engagement ring settings are a great choice. Your central stone is encircled by a glittering ring of smaller accent diamonds in a halo setting. This sparkling halo optically enlarges your central diamond, giving it a considerably larger appearance. This look is enhanced by the added brilliance offered by diamonds in a halo setting.

If this is your first time shopping for an engagement ring, halo settings are a terrific way to add drama and impact to your ring. They're also a good choice if you want to replace your existing engagement ring. For a fraction of the expense of upgrading your present center diamond, you may replace the setting on your current engagement ring with a halo setting and end up with a much larger-looking piece of engagement jewelry.

Stunning engagement ring

Stunning engagement ring

5. Make Your Setting Slimmer

Another option for making your center diamond appear larger is to choose a very narrow, delicate setting. Your center diamond will appear larger in comparison if you choose a setting with a slim ring and slim prongs. A wide band with thick prongs, on the other hand, will make your diamond appear smaller. Always opt for a slim, delicate setting if you want your center stone to appear as large as possible.

You can utilize this approach on a new engagement ring or your present one, just like our last recommendation. If the wide, bulky setting on your present engagement ring is overpowering your diamond, you can easily (and relatively inexpensively) replace it with a narrow setting to make your central diamond appear much larger.

6. Select a Bright White Setting

Your diamond engagement ring may appear larger when it is set in some precious metals than in others. Platinum and white gold, in particular 18k white gold, come to mind. A gleaming white metal will reflect the central diamond in your engagement ring like a mirror, making it appear larger.

Because it's plated in rhodium, which is extremely lustrous, 18k white gold is particularly good at reflecting light. Additionally, 18k white gold is not only more reflective than platinum, but it is also less expensive, allowing you to spend more money into a larger center diamond.

7. Keep Your Ring Clean

The last suggestion on our list is likely the simplest to implement. Keep your engagement ring sparkling clean if you want it to look as big as possible year after year. As previously stated in this article, the more brilliant your engagement ring is, the larger it will appear. Diamonds and precious metals collect oil and dirt over time, dulling their luster. Clean your engagement ring on a regular basis to keep it gleaming.

Do you know how often your engagement ring should be cleaned? Every six months, we recommend having your ring professionally cleaned. Then, in between professional cleanings, clean your ring at home with warm water, dish soap, and a soft toothbrush anytime it appears to be dulling.