Diamond rings are a classic piece of jewellery that many will come into contact with in the form of an engagement ring, a heartfelt gift or perhaps a family heirloom.

When it comes to diamond rings, there are many choices you may need to make. Which cut? which colour? And importantly, how many carats?

In this blog post, we’ll be breaking down exactly what 2 carat diamond rings are and whether or not they are good value.

What Are 2 Carat Diamonds?

The term ‘carat’ refers to the physical weight of the diamond.

A 1 carat diamond weighs 0.2 grams, whereas a 2 carat diamond weighs 0.4 grams. To put that into perspective, a 2 carat diamond ring weighs around the same as two grains of rice.

Because the term ‘carat’ only refers to the weight of the diamond, a 2 carat diamond ring can be cut in any way and fitted onto any type of ring, such as a silver, gold, or platinum ring.

Stunning diamond earrings

Stunning diamond earrings

How Big Is A 2 Carat Diamond?

While 2 carat diamonds all weigh 0.4g, the size, surface area and perceived size of the ring may vary.

For example, an oval cut 2 carat diamond ring can look bigger and more impressive than a cushion cut 2 carat diamond ring. This could be because it weighs the same as a cushion cut ring but has a larger surface area or because the long shape makes it appear larger.

Are 2 Carat Diamond Rings Good Value?

The bigger the diamond, the more expensive. This means that many might consider opting for a cheaper, 1 carat diamond ring.

This is because sourcing enough raw material to make a 2 carat diamond is harder than sourcing enough to create a 1 carat diamond. This makes 2 carat diamonds rarer and more valuable.

While prices vary depending on where you purchase your 2 carat diamond, a 2 carat diamond could be worth four times more than a 1 carat diamond.

This can make it a good investment, whether you want to keep it forever or trade it in for a larger or different diamond in the future.

Factors Affecting The Price Of 2 Carat Diamond Rings

The Ring Material

While many heavily research their diamonds to ensure that they pick the right shape, colour and clarity, fewer consider which ring they will put the diamonds on.

For example, you may wish to purchase a 2 carat diamond ring with a silver finish. However, this does not necessarily mean that your only option is purchasing a silver ring.

White gold and platinum also have silver finishes, but the metals’ cost and quality vary.

For example, because platinum is much rarer than gold, it is almost always more expensive. Similarly, gold is almost always more expensive than silver.

Suppose you are considering a 2 carat diamond ring as an engagement ring. It’s important to pick a good quality solid ring material, like gold, that can be worn every day without showing obvious signs of wear and tear.

Stunning diamond necklace

Stunning diamond necklace

The Cut Of The Diamond

The cut of a diamond can vary in price because the amount of raw material wasted when cutting the diamond changes depending on its shape.

To purchase a 2 carat diamond ring at the best possible value, it is best to pick a cut that wastes the least amount of raw material because it usually costs less. (So long as you are still happy with the appearance of the ring!)

For example, a princess cut 2 carat diamond ring is likely to be cheaper because only around 20% of the original diamond is lost in the process.

However, if you opt for a round diamond, around 60% of the raw material is lost, meaning round diamond rings often cost more.

The Clarity Of The Diamond

The price of diamonds changes depending on how flawless the diamond is.

It’s pretty simple. The more flawless the diamond, the more expensive it is. You can tell how flawless a diamond is with the diamond clarity scale, ranging from I1 (Included 1) to FL (Flawless).

The Colour Of The Diamond

Clear or ‘colourless’ diamonds are the rarest and, therefore, the most expensive.

However, coloured diamonds are beautiful but slightly cheaper than clear diamonds.

If you are buying a 2 carat diamond ring as an engagement ring or as a gift for a loved one who has a particular favourite colour, a coloured 2 carat diamond ring could make for a meaningful and unique gift.

Overall, 2 carat diamond rings are good value because they can be sensible investments. Several factors can be considered to reduce the price of your 2 carat diamond ring, such as the ring material, cut, clarity, and the colour of the diamond.

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