If you have any interest in modern engagement ring options - especially if you are actively shopping for a diamond engagement ring - you have no doubt at least heard of emerald cut engagement rings. However, do you really understand what they are, or why emerald cut engagement rings are currently so popular? Here we are going to take a closer look at this timelessly elegant engagement ring style, to help you decide if one might be the right choice for you.

What is an Emerald Cut Engagement Ring?

Emerald cuts are distinguished by their elongated, rectangular shape and carefully carved corners. They differ from brilliant cuts in that they have smaller rectangular facets that mimic stairs or steps. There are 58 facets in the emerald cut (25 crown, 8 girdle and 25 pavilion).

Though these step cut facets still glitter and shine, sparkling beautifully in the right lights, they do so in a less obvious way than their brilliant cut peers. Emerald cuts are a striking gemstone that exudes timeless elegance, whether set in a clean, no-fuss traditional setting or in an Art Deco-inspired design.

Who Do Emerald Cut Engagement Rings Best Suit?

Emerald cut engagement rings are a popular choice for today's brides since they are evocative of old Hollywood drama, class, and sophistication.

This style is ideal for modern brides who are drawn to sleek and sophisticated designs. Numerous popular celebrity brides have chosen emerald cuts, including Amal Clooney, Beyoncé, Kate Hudson, Eva Longoria, and others.

The emerald cut has also been used to increase the richness of fancy colored diamonds for a great many years. The broad table and deep pavilion in an emerald-cut stone entices the light and the eye inward, intensifying and deepening the color to captivating effect.

Five Assorted Diamond Shapes

Five Assorted Diamond Shapes

When Did Emerald Cut Engagement Rings First Gain Popularity?

Emerald cut diamonds have been around since the late Middle Ages, despite the fact that many people associate them with the iconic Art Deco era of the 1920s. This form was originally designed for emerald stones, but it was eventually adopted for diamonds. An unanticipated benefit to stone cutters, which added to the cut's popularity, was that it lowered pressure during the cutting process, preventing gem chips.

Emerald cuts are still one of the most popular engagement ring cuts today, but as old as they are they still lend any diamond a modern, sophisticated edge perfect for everyday wear as well as well-suited to more formal occasions.

Why Choose Emerald Cut Engagement Rings?

One of the most appealing features of emerald cuts is their long, elegant body, which gives the wearer the appearance of longer, thinner fingers. Another advantage of this stone shape is that it appears larger than other stones of the same carat weight. However, for this stone, selecting a good clarity is critical. Due to the cut, imperfections are more visible, thus while color can be compromised on, clarity should not.

The majority of brides who pick an emerald cut prefer a simple, modern setting like a solitaire. Modern styles have also evolved to include other equally elegant settings, such as the halo, which has a vintage flair, and the three stone, which has a crisp, streamlined aesthetic as well as a deeper symbolic value of friendship, fidelity, and love.