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Elements by Asteria

Elements by Asteria is inspired by the elements of which our earth is composed. Diamonds are a natural resource hailing from deep within the earth, a characteristic that is hard to imagine when looking at a classically cut diamond. This line aims to display and enhance the beauty of colored diamonds in their natural, rough cut form.


About Black Diamonds

The mystery and depth of a black diamond, also known as "Carbonado," not only comes from its stark, noticeable color, but from its history and origin.

The exact origin of black diamonds is not know. Some theories suggest that they were formed by high pressure deep in the Earth's interior, about 3 billion years ago. Others suggest that they were in fact formed by an extraterrestrial supernova that hit earth as a meteor about 2.3 billion years ago. The meteor shattered and scattered what would become black diamonds in the regions of The African Republic and Brazil. Despite these, and other theories, black diamonds remain somewhat of a mystery.

About The Earth Collection

This collection gets its name from its inspiration: the Earth. We looked at things like the Earth's crust, soil, graphite and coal when designing this selection of jewelry. We chose to use black diamonds for their close connection to the Earth and their stark color. Black diamonds create a rough, strong look with their deep color, while maintaining delicacy with their special sparkle.

We think we have created something really special with this collection and invite you to browse, enjoy and discover something out of the ordinary.

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