Colored diamonds have, in terms of fashion at least, started making a comeback in a big way. Whether they are influenced by celebrity trends or are simply looking for something a little bit different an increasing number of women are adding blue diamond engagement rings to those Pinterest inspiration boards (which should serve as hints rather than simple inspiration for their other halves) in increasing numbers.

Blue diamond engagement rings are one of the more expensive choices one can make, and so it is understandable that many who are considering purchasing one might wonder if there is a certain time of year during which you might be able to get a 'better deal' on a blue diamond. However, contrary to what you might have read the answer is no, not really. Allow us to explain.

Blue Diamond Engagement Rings Have No Seasonality

Unlike high end clothing and other accessories, which do change every season and have a tendency to go in and out of style, a blue diamond engagement ring has no seasonality and never goes out of style.

And while it was once considered somewhat traditional to announce an engagement at a big winter occasion - such as a Christmas lunch - that really is not the case any more and there isn't really an engagement season either - these days people get engaged whenever they feel the time is right for them - so there is no time when a jeweler might be 'less busy' and consider reducing prices to 'clear inventory'.

Economic and Demand Factors

The price of blue diamond engagement rings can fluctuate a little based on certain outside economic factors but not by very much and certainly not as much as other 'luxury' items. There are a couple of reasons for that. One is that blue diamonds are among the rarest of the colored diamonds and so will always hold their value. The second is that an engagement ring really isn't a 'luxury' or 'splurge' purchase. Instead it's an important part of a life decision that people save for and plan to make anyway, regardless of what might be going on economically, so the prices tend to hold for this reason.

How To Get the Best Price on Blue Diamond Engagement Rings

Having established that there really is no 'sale season' for blue diamonds, how can one make sure one is getting the best deal?

If you are going to purchase a blue diamond it will be a serious investment, so the obvious advice is to shop around. But here that might not be the best course of action. Instead, find a diamond consultant who has a solid reputation and then work one on one with them to explore your options until you find the perfect choice for you.

Blue diamonds are not common and as such those that are available are all very different from one another. Like other colored diamonds they vary in intensity and in what secondary color they possess. This means that blue diamond engagement rings vary from a darker, intense deep blue to a light, elegant grayish or greenish blue, all of which have their own special appeal.

By working one on one with a trusted diamond consultant you have the best chance of finding the right one for you. They understand that purchasing a diamond for an engagement ring is about more than money, it's a rather emotional thing too. The ring is going to symbolize a couple's love for a lifetime, so the importance of getting it right just can't be overstated.

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