Diamonds are extremely hard. One of the hardest things in the world. Most gemstones are very hard too. Metals that appear to be indestructible are used to create modern jewelry. Diamond engagement rings are assembled better than ever before thanks to new techniques and technology. But, even while diamond and gemstone rings are designed to last a lifetime, you can better assure that they will last for generations if you remember to remove them.

When Should You Remove Your Ring?

In a nutshell, when you're doing something physically demanding or working with harmful chemicals, it's a good idea to remove your rings. Workouts, swimming, cooking, cleaning, and showering are among the other activities. Here though, we are going to go into a little more detail about why.

Working Out

The most dangerous thing that can happen to your rings while you're working out is for them to collide with something and get bent out of shape. Gold and platinum are softer metals than you might think, and if they come into contact with gym equipment or weights, they can damage or deform your ring.

Even a slight change in the shape of your diamond ring can cause the prongs that hold your gems in place to move. You risk losing the diamond entirely, in addition to the cosmetic modification. When you're working out, playing basketball, soccer, or other vigorous sports, leave your rings at home, or, at the very least, carefully secured in your gym bag


Swimming could have been lumped under working out, but it comes with its own set of ring safety concerns. Above all, the water causes your fingers to contract. If you wear your ring while swimming, it will very likely end up at the bottom of the pool, lake, or ocean. And even if it does stay on, your ring can be damaged and discolored by chlorine and saltwater.

In the Kitchen

Germs, food residue, and bacteria are attracted to the setting of your ring when you cook or work with food. Any gunky particles stuck in your ring can harm and discolor it, in addition to being nasty and unpleasant to think about. It's also a good idea to take off your ring before doing the dishes. You run the risk of the ring falling off and down the drain, and washing up liquid may be kind to hands, but it's often not good for your precious gemstone ring.

Spectacular diamond ring

Spectacular diamond ring

General Cleaning

Remove the rings and store them carefully in your jewelry box, regardless of the type of cleaning you're doing. Bleach or ammonia, for example, will discolor and corrode the metals, sometimes even if you wear gloves. You're also more likely to bump your ring on a hard surface when cleaning, which could bend or shatter prongs.


Expect your fingers to shrink somewhat while bathing, just enough for your ring to slide off. When you mix in the soap and conditioner, it's a recipe for your ring to fall off your finger and down the drain. Soap oils may also tarnish the finish on your ring, and exfoliating products may scratch it as well.

Wedding bands and diamond engagement rings are designed to be nearly constantly on your finger, making them easy to overlook. However, reminding yourself to remove them before engaging in any activity that could harm them helps ensure that they last a long time.