The Millennium Star Diamond

The Millennium Star Diamond

An Incredible Find

Imagine unearthing a diamond so large, that it would take over three years for workers to cut it into its final form?

That’s exactly what happened in Zaire in 1990 when a diamond of over 700 carats was discovered. The rare jewel was purchased by DeBeers and now sits at the center of their entire collection.

The Millenium Star Diamond is one of six of the largest rough diamonds ever found in the world. To determine the perfect cut a design team worked tirelessly to create 100 plastic replicas. After extensive examination, it was decided that the Millenium Star would be a pear shape jewel boasting an impressive 54 facets.

The Millenium Star Diamond1

The Journey

This incredible diamond underwent a long but necessary journey; first to Belgium to be cut and then to South Africa for an expert polish.

Its final destination was New York for all the remaining touches. This arduous process is typical for highly valued diamonds to ensure the gem is and remains perfect, without any cracks or breaks from the polishing process.

In its completed form this gorgeous pear-shaped masterpiece weighs in at over 200 carats with a D color grade and carries the title of the only completely flawless diamond, inside and out.

Described as “the most beautiful diamond I {Former DeBeers Chairman, Larry Openheimer} have ever seen”,
The Millenium Star Diamond2

On Display

Along with the well-known and much-loved Heart of Eternity diamond, the Millenium Star was beautifully showcased in 1999 in the London Dome as well as the Smithsonian in Washington D.C.

In 2003 the Millenium Star joined a slew of famous diamonds, Pink Dream, the Allnat Diamond, the Pumpkin Diamond, Moussaieff Red, and the Ocean Dream.

As of today, only the Centenary Diamond is larger than the Millenium Star.

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