The World’s Largest Faceted Diamond

The World’s Largest Faceted Diamond

A.K.A Unnamed Brown Diamond
Price Estimation: $4-12 Million USD
Size: 109.13 grams
Color: Fancy Yellow-Brown
Cut: Fire Rose Cushion cut
Carat: 545.67 carats
Owner: Henry Ho of Thailand

The Golden Jubilee is currently, the undisputed largest faceted diamond in the world,

It is approximately 545.67 carats and took several years to cut and polish before being presented to the King of Thailand, its’ current owner in 1997.

At 109.13 grams, the huge Golden Jubilee Diamond is truly magnificent. Although it may appear a somewhat orange color in various photos, it has in fact been graded as a fancy yellow-brown diamond. It has a distinctive fire rose cushion cut and weighs 545.67 carats, 15.37 carats more than the second largest diamond, the Cullinan 1.



In short, the Golden Jubilee Diamond being completely unique is priceless, however the approximate value has a vast range from four to twelve million U.S dollars.


Discovered in 1985, this stone is fairly new to the world, and has only had a few owners.

First known by the unremarkable name of “Unnamed Brown,” this gemstone was presented to Gabriel Tolkowsky by DeBeers to test new cutting equipment. The uncut stone was enclosed by deep cracks and inclusions and was therefore cut and designed in an exclusive underground chamber, free of vibrations. After two painstakingly long years, this yellow-brown diamond was transformed into the Golden Jubilee Diamond.

A Holy Stone

In 1995, the stone was bought from De Beers by a group led by Henry Ho, CEO of Citibank, Thailand. This magnificent stone then took a spiritual journey where it received a Papal Blessing from Pope John Paul II and a blessing from the Supreme Imam and then the Supreme Buddhist Patriarch in Thailand.

The diamond was offered to King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand to honor his 50th coronation anniversary.

Where is the Golden Jubilee Diamond?

The Golden Jubilee Diamond is currently held in the Royal Thai Palace, an integral feature of the crown jewels. Although this is where it general stays, it hs paid various visits to Switzerland and the US, also featuring in a display in Henry Ho’s Jewelry Trade center in Bangkok.

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