Things you don’t know about black diamonds that you should

Things you don’t know about black diamonds that you should

What is a black diamond? Are black diamonds really diamonds? Naturally, before you buy, some basic knowledge is in order.

  1. Yes, black diamonds are really diamonds.  They are truly black in color, due to graphite deposits within the stone. They are found mainly in Central Africa and Brazil.
  2. They don’t sparkle like other diamonds. Unlike all other diamonds, fancy colored diamonds and white diamonds alike, black diamonds are opaque and do not sparkle, since they absorb light rather than reflect it. The deeper the black color, the better.
  3. Using black diamonds is a great way to make a statement with your jewelry (without getting too crazy). Black diamonds actually work amazingly well with lots of classic jewelry designs. If you want to
    These diamond studs are a perfect example of updated earrings for women or classy cuff links for a gentleman.
    These diamond studs are a perfect example of updated earrings for women or classy cuff links for a gentleman.

    stand out, instead of using white diamonds, or popular fancy yellows, you can go ahead and set a black diamond as a single stone, a centerpiece surrounded by additional diamonds, in clusters or in a repeat design, to create the perfect updated and luxurious design. You can check out some jewelry item for inspiration here.

  4. Black diamonds are not for women only, they are perfect for men! This one you may have known already, but for the man in your life who appreciates the finer things, a black diamond piece is a great gift choice. Black diamonds are appearing all over in sophisticated jewelry for men, especially in rings and cuff links.
  5. Beware! Not all black diamonds are natural. There are black diamonds, and then there are Natural Fancy Black Diamonds.  Very often the term “black diamonds” is used to refer to cloudy, grayish diamonds treated with heat to turn them black. Natural Fancy Black Diamonds are mined black diamonds, with their intense color endowed by Mother Nature herself.  Nothing wrong with going for the more affordable option of a treated black diamond, but always make sure you know what you’re getting. If the diamond you are buying is supposed to be a Natural Fancy Black Diamond, make sure you check the certificate to be sure.
  6. The Black Star of Africa is the largest known colored diamond… and you guessed it, it’s black. Weighing in at 202 carats, it was last seen in Tokyo in 1971. Not quite sure what the current owner is dong with it, but we hope they’re enjoying it!
  7. Derek Jeter keeps them with him wherever he goes. Jeter wears a black diamond chain every day.  He reveals here that the chain was a gift, although he does not tell who gave it to him.  He has stated that it is in fact the only thing he wears every day. Nothing wrong with being like Derek Jeter.
  8. Carrie's Black Diamond RingBlack diamonds are worthy of Carrie Bradshaw. We know she’s not real, but her status as a fashion icon is. Carrie received a 5 carat black diamond ring, set with 80 pave diamonds in white gold at the end of the second Sex and the City movie when she makes up with Mr. Big (Aww). Why a black diamond, she wonders. “Because,” Mr. Big tells her, “you are not like anyone else.”



Get inspired and be unlike anyone else. What would you do with your own black diamond?

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