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3.83 Carat, Fancy Dark Reddish Brown Diamond, Cushion shape, I1 Clarity, IGI Certified, F4E73115

3.83 Carat, Fancy Dark Reddish Brown Diamond Cushion shape, I1 Clarity, IGI Certified, F4E73115

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3.83 Carat loose diamond, Fancy Dark Reddish Brown with I1 Clarity, with a graceful Cushion Modified diamond shape. This stone is 100% natural, with no enhancements. This remarkable fancy diamond has been inspected and graded by IGI and is accompanied by its original certificate. This vibrant diamond measures 10.92x8.72x4.30mm. The stone gives an amazing sparkle and luster, hence making this the perfect completion for any piece of fancy colored diamond jewelry that needs a boost of glamour. The stone has polish and symmetry. For additional information about this item, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer services.

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SKU stands for stock keeping unit. A product's SKU is its identifying code as given by the company.



There are 12 colors in the spectrum of fancy colored diamonds: Yellow, Orange, Pink, Blue, Green, Brown, Violet, Gray, Purple, Red, Fancy Black, and Fancy White. It is always the last term in the full diamond color (ex. fancy dark yellowish green).

Fancy Dark Reddish Brown


Shape refers to what shape the diamond is cut in.



The weight of a diamond or other gemstone is measured in carats. Each carat equals to 0.2 grams, derived from a carob bean from ancient times.



The clarity grade of a stone indicates how many internal and external imperfections a diamond has. Clarity is graded based on six categories, each with their own subcategories: Flawless, Internally Flawless, Very Very Slight Inclusion, Very Slight Inclusion, Slight Inclusion and Inclusion.



The measurements of a diamond refer to the length, width and height of the diamond.



# F4E73115


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